Monday Evening Sidewalk

| May 6, 2019

“Ohh, Ohhh that smell. Can’t you smell that smell …?” – Lynyrd Skynyrd 

Now the smell of new life surrounds us. Spring floods and spring green … then more floods …

Good Monday Morning evening and welcome once again for the umpteenth time TO THE Monday Morning Sidewalk. I know this is too late to aid your morning stall constitutionals, but that’s the life I lead these days. Maybe the following will still inspire your bowels to move …

Yesterday was interesting in a lot of ways. I can tell by the buzz on local internet discussion boards, that there are “new kids on the block” who are trying to figure out the expansive (EXTREMELY EXPANSIVE WITH FLOODING) flats of Lake Ray Roberts, hoping to stick a carp during these extraordinary high water days. 

HABITAT Lake Ray Roberts

So, if you are wondering, and I know you are: Lake Ray Roberts is high, but not the highest I have seen. All boat ramps are still open and I am not catching carp in the parking lot … yet. The grass, normally outside the waterline, is submerged. 

That submerged grass is a great opportunity for fish, many species, to get up in it and forage a vegetarian and meat menu. And that is what is happening. That said, I will say again — this is difficult stuff.

All the snakes we had last year? This year, so far, most are MIA. I did not see a single snake yesterday. That’s a good thing, right?

Clarity? The water is murky from the rain and lake level fluctuations. There is a lot of floating grass and vegetation, but overall — MURKY.

Flies? We persisted with some pretty dull flies, and I THINK we should have probably gone to some brighter more flashy flies. So I would recommend you START with bright flies and tone down if it scares the fish.

ALL THIS SAID — We caught carp, gar and catfish in the span of a few hours yesterday. Ray Roberts is one big box of chocolates right now, from little carp to giant gar. We saw the largest class of carp we’ve ever seen on the lake, but carp of all sizes are in a state of “suspension” right now. They are barely feeding, and you have to remember to not spend too much time in the shallow plain on those fish intoxicated from the spawn. 

BALL OF CONFUSION – So not only is the lake high, they are working hard to lower it, very hard. That creates confusion in habitat, where fish are not sure what IS and what IS NOT safe and available. 


  • Tournament Tuesday (late Tuesday)
  • Wild Art Wednesday
  • American Idiots – A snapshot from the Ray Roberts Boat Ramp
  • Rain Scattered Throughout
  • Local Ethanol Free Gas Courtesy of …

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  1. shannon says:

    Well, the rules are flexible! Typically, it includes carp, catfish, sand bass, gar and bass. Any 3 of those is a SLAM. Four is a Super Slam.

  2. RJ says:

    What are the general rules/guidelines for a Redneck Slam? Asking for a friend.

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