IFTD Show Highlights Coming Your Way Soon

| August 22, 2011

I forgot we had to drive back from New Orleans yesterday! That means no posting, but sometime today I will have a post on some of the things I found interesting, like a new category “Best New Accessory” I created … it will feature a cool new “gadget” that anyone who has a problem with “that vision thing” will want to purchase. I will actually be carrying it in my online shop – it’s that GOOD!

There will also be a post on the Texas presence at the IFTD show. I was amazed as I started putting two-and-two together, to find that there were more than a few vendors from Texas, so we will take a look at them as well.

I have pretty much lost my “umph” to turn around and go back to New Orleans, Grand Isle actually, to fish the IFA Tour next weekend, but we will see …

Stay tuned.

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