Friday Blows

| July 21, 2023

Wind Plus Crowds Equal Downtime

Perspective is everything – in life and in fly fishing. Debatable, I know, but from where I sit? the idea of fighting through the crowded South Padre Island Jetties this evening – to end up at the end of the Jetties, in a twenty-mile-per-hour wind? My most optimistic self says, it does not fit my description of a positive outcome very well.

The Options

Quietly, behind the scenes, I have been craving some Rio Grande Cichlid show and tell from … here a few miles from the Borderland’s Rio Grande River. How and where are still a mystery as I write this. But the name of the fish gives away the fact – they are here, and just about everywhere down here … all I have to do is find the right water. Catching them as a kid on Edinburg Lake was one of those early memories of fishing, and this – the Rio Grande Cichlid was another fish I had to look up in my TPWD stack of magazines. Based on the weather cards dealt me this week, I am certainly more optimistic about the odds of a RGC than I am of a tarpon shot off the end of the Jetties. And so it goes …

A Look Back at the Week

It has been a fun week of chasing down fish as best we can, given the extreme low tide levels in the Lower Laguna Madre, and the super shallow deficit we have in the skiff department (for a few more weeks). While Jaime waits for his new Chittum Challenger to roll off the Chittum Yachts assembly line, his Skull Island gets us places, but not deep on the inside as is demanded this time of year. It certainly gets deeper inside than my skiff, but nothing will come close to the Challenger properly outfitted (see the Zephyr Cove Customs Pickup) in Lower Laguna Madre skinny. Jaime’s Chittum Challenger will (apparently) be the first Challenger to roll off the line with a tunnel hull – creating at a Lower Laguna Madre shallow beast. See the: Debut of the Chittum Challenger

Backcasting – Fish Photos From The Week

Watch the 2019 Video – about what makes a Texas Shallow Skiff go Skinny

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