Tying the Seaducer for Largemouth Bass

| October 22, 2012

Here is the latest fly tying video brought to you with commercial interruption. Feel free to subscribe / donate to TexasFlyCaster.com over in the lower right column, to prevent future garish ads from showing up on free videos.

It took me awhile to sit down and edit the video as well as focus on the audio, which by my accounts, should be muted! Really, watch and learn – because that’s what works best. If there’s another fly you would like to see demonstrated, let me know via the comments, and I will put it on the wish list. About the only reason I can guess for wanting me to record these is either, a) you like the quality of my videos, or b) you like the quenching sound of a beer going down between fly tying stages. Either way, you know there are thousands of tying videos out there, so if you have a request, make it count.

Thanks for watching and donating.

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  1. mmendez1 says:

    Got my free fly in the mail a few days ago. Looks great. Can’t wait to head to the coast to try it out!

  2. shannon says:

    I have added a “Fly Tying Videos” page for those of you requesting it. Otherwise, check out my channel at youtube.com.

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