Monday Morning Meltdown

| October 22, 2012

I left readers hanging just a bit last week, as I had to jet to East Texas to help out on a Cimarrona sale at Edom, Texas. I left a post containing a new fly tying video on the (digital) table, forgetting to post it for your weekend fly tying pleasure.

My impressions of near East Texas remain unchanged. Clean clear air, bright stars, trees, nice people, and water – ponds … everywhere ponds. I can’t believe how many people in East Texas have ponds. It’s like a North Dallas neighborhood swimming pool competition. “My neighbor has one, so I had to have one,” seems to be the attitude. Only in East Texas it’s ponds of every size and shape, and they all look so fishy. Nope. I didn’t get a single invite, or did I invite myself into a single private pond. Time was just not on my side. Like MacArthur said, “I shall return.”

This part of East Texas is also burgeoning with artists, galleries and restaurants, like The Forge in Ben Wheeler, Texas. I can firmly say that the Airstream will be the woods around Tyler, Texas, next year.

It only took a handful of minutes at the Edom Festival of the Arts, to find a like soul, and he was only arm’s length from out booth at the Festival. That story, coming later this week, will make you wonder about invisible forces at work.

I hope you had a great weekend, and are back in your cyber saddles and ready to ride through a rough patch of fly fishing in upcoming weeks. It’s going to be tough to fit in some water time edge-wise this week, and with a birthday looming large, distractions are growing like weeds in the cracks of this Monday Morning Sidewalk. Feel free to comment on your exploits from the weekend past, or your upcoming adventures. The overwhelming problem seems to be (not just for me) that having time on our hands translates into not having the money to use our time wisely – fly fishing of course. Catch-22 is in full effect.

Look for that fly tying video this afternoon. It’s the Bass Seaducer, a very effective version of the classic feather-on-a-hook Seaducer.

If you newer to the Texas Fly Caster scene, and not as versed on North Texas fly fishing, or outdoor activities in North Texas, I am now a “Community Blogger” for the local rag, the Denton Record Chronicle, and you can find family friendly outdoor information on my blog there – DRC Community Bloggers.

As always, I appreciate your visits and participation here at Texas Fly Caster. I am looking for travel partners to different destinations around Texas and Oklahoma – to share costs, and also to help with being subjected to the camera lens for stories to appear here and elsewhere. Contact me if you have interest in these kinds of things.

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