Texas Fly Fishing Report For Mother’s Day Weekend

| May 6, 2016

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It’s a beautiful Friday, isn’t it? [ppw id=”133619190″ description=”Fly Fishing Report” price=”.10″]

Thursday wasn’t too shabby either. I finally managed to put the first carp on board the skiff yesterday, as all the elements came together in a brand new location on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas.

Carp are everywhere. They’re playing some mating games right now, following each other around and ignoring the best flies and best presentations, but the ladies they chase? Well, they have the munchies, and the bigger they are, the hungrier they are. I have NEVER seen so many carp in the weight class – as what I am seeing right now on Ray Roberts. (No thanks to bow “hunters” that’s for sure.)

If you ARE thinking about DIY’ing Ray Roberts this weekend, here’s a hint: The satellite uplink trucks are in the park parking lot. The circus is in town for the next two weekends. If you are thinking about booking a trip with me on Ray Roberts … you know the rest …

Check out the beginning of this video for (what I think is) cool footage at the 16 Bridge at Possum Kingdom. See that little fish video bomb? At the end, there’s a taste of the action at PK – where I mercifully edited that video down to one fish caught, when actually the camera was rolling as I caught four in a row before turning the camera off – every cast. I would be glad to guide anyone who wants to fish that beautiful location. It is in its visual prime right now, and I never knew it could look so beautiful!

TOMORROW IS THE Lake Fork Bass on Fly World Championship 2016! Maybe the action on Lake Ray Roberts will take some of the boat pressure off that world famous lake? Otherwise, I will be sitting in a long line at the ramp in the morning. The thought of those ramps (incredibly few) makes me want to skip that zoo.

Thanks for watching! Thanks for reading. Have a great Mother’s Day weekend, and be kind to your Ma’!



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  1. Brian says:

    Looking forward to those texas carp when I move to irving next month. Have head great things about ray roberts. During spawn definitely target the ones who distance themselves from the mating rituals.

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