Monday Morning Sidewalk – Rain Rain Rain

| May 9, 2016

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It’s a dreary Monday Morning here in North Texas, but I think we are about the only ones getting more rain today. And it won’t hurt a thing around here – as far as we’re concerned!

The trip to Lake Fork for the “Bass on Fly World Championship” was a lesson [ppw id=”133619119″ description=”Fly Fishing Report” price=”.10″]

in frustration (again this year), as I went prepared, locked and loaded, for pounding the cove shorelines (just like so many others did), but was never able to prefish the event. Had I been able to get out in advance, perhaps I would have at least known that that watershed had 8-inches of rain in the previous week (much more intense than what we had here), and the fish were moving around the lake in the deep channels. Not that I would have figured out how to catch them there either, but at least it would have made more sense than what I did!

It looked pretty obvious to me that something was going on at Lake Fork – the water was deep tannin color, and almost had the value of a golden algae bloom – in color and clarity.

Once it was all said, and done, back at the marina I talked to a few guys who said they went searching for clear water (braver than me on that stump-filled lake), and didn’t find any. The only reason I knew about the fish in the channels was because I struck up a conversation with a mom who was waiting on her young son to return, but had bagged an 8, 5 and three pound fish at the bridge (515) channel.

I guess I have to sum it up, this year again, as – LESSONs LEARNED. I can’t imagine having any success fly fishing for bass without a couple of days to prefish the location before the event – and won’t do it anymore until I have the time to prefish a tournament location. Prefishing is one of the worst kept secrets to success at these events, and just makes sense doesn’t it?

Speaking of prefishing, two tournaments are coming to Lake Ray Roberts on back-to-back weekends, starting this Friday, and through this weekend. Then, the Toyota fellas arrive next weekend – the 20-22nd. So the circus is in town. If you walk-wade Ray Roberts way back in the coves, you should be able to still stick a few.

Have a great day, and be careful if you’re driving the gauntlets of North Texas!


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