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Monday Morning Sidewalk – Bass O Matic

| November 13, 2017

Bass on Fly Rod

Good Monday Morning, or what’s left of it! This could be a week for the memoir after another weekend to forget! A book review pressing down on me – guess I should be different and actually read the book. This one’s right up our alley, “The Best Bass Flies,” subtitled, “How to Tie and Fish Them.”

It’s funny, I threw my box at them last week on Lewisville Lake, and what worked in the end, and worked quite well? The last fly I tied on was a Black / Black Clouser on a circle jig hook. I found some very good structure around a high pressure cove, and picked off four there, before heading back over to the old dam riprap I had just covered with a different fly – and put the hit on fish there as well. IT WAS the fly. And, if YOU are fly fishing for bass right now, and everything’s right, but everything’s wrong; try a super-slow retrieve to go with an impressionistic fly.

One nice thing about Lewisville Lake is that you can find cover from our prevailing winds this time of year – those would be the NORTH or SOUTH winds. This lake may provide cover, but it feelsĀ  like the bigger bass have departed. I can’t wait to challenge them this spring.

I have some feelers out for new stories to work this off-season, but am not hearing back from my primary contacts at the moment. Seems like everyone is busy these days, these weekdays anyway. What’s up with that? I am looking for anyone who would be interested (not magazine story related) in a day trip to the Blue River this week, or maybe a meetup in BendBow. Just let me know.

Well, it’s on to a pending welding project, a pending website build and post production on images for a band and that website build. Throw in a new product I am creating for the skiff crowd – doing a “Go Fund Me” for that one – and this week was over when it began.

Enough said, let me know what YOU are doing and where you are catching these days. If you say, “PK below the dam,” I would say, “You must live closer than I do!” I may make it out that terribly long way once the TPWD starts feeding the striper some fresh trout, but until then … have at it.


Monday Afternoon Sidewalk

| April 25, 2016 | 0 Comments

fly fishing texas #flyfishing

Whoa. Where to start this fine afternoon? Well, just back in town after a drive up from [ppw id=”133619415″ description=”Fly Fishing Update” price=”.10″]

Seguin, TX, this morning. Not a drop of rain this time though, and traffic actually moved!

ALONG THE WAY, I received a text from a confidential informant – the dam is shut at PK, and the striper action should already be ON. Nothing like arriving home after four days gone, and a five-hour drive, and telling my S.O. that I’ll be hitting the road again tomorrow morning and fly fishing the PK striper run for the week. Okay, I may have to commute, but I can’t think of anything better than the idea of, say a 10wt?, casting in the rain and storms, below PK, for these monsters. Sure there are better things, and sure if I tried real hard I could think of them. But there really is nothing like catching a wall.

I did wet a line over the weekend in the Guadalupe, private water … okay, the back forty tastes the Guadalupe for about a three-hundred yard run, but it was a bit fast and a lot muddy. Unless you were dredging fresh cut bait for cats (more than 200-pounds caught in three days along this run), fly fishing was a non-starter. Rain check on that run.

I also met a guy who had spent his weekend throwing croakers to hungry redfish, met him last night, and they did catch. When wouldn’t you catch on croakers? Anyway, the point of meeting a bait caster, other than to spread my gregarious personality around (LAUGH HERE), was to go mining for stories that could be of interest to Lone Star Outdoor News, or any publication for that matter! There’s never a dead end when it comes to meeting new people who make their fun in the outdoors, as far as I am concerned. The same goes for readers here: IF YOU have a story about the outdoors, in any aspect of outdoors – please let me know — you will be rewarded in some way for your “NEWSTIPs.” Think in terms of the unusual (kind of like fly fishing in North Texas!).


The dam at Possum Kingdom Lake is shut in now. That’s your hot tip of the week. If you need more information, stay tuned, because I AM hitting the road (tomorrow if all goes accordingly) for PK, and could be there most of this week, assuming the weather goes bad. I know I am repeating myself, but this kind of HOT SPOT bears repeating!!!

I have to close this post out, and get ready for PK tomorrow, so thanks for reading, and remember to drive safely to wherever your roads lead you. It’s a gauntlet out there. Stay tuned, and check out the Twitter Feed or the Instagram Feed for updates from PK (and who knows where else!) this week! Those links to social information are over to the left column.