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Lower Mountain Fork Beavers Bend Broken Bow – EPIC DESTRUCTION

| May 26, 2015 | 0 Comments

broken bow flooding epic floods beavers bend oklahoma lower mountain fork floods

Courtesy - Rob Woodruff Guide Services
Broken Bow Spillway.

Courtesy - Rob Woodruff Guide Services
Cold Hole crossing and parking area.

Courtesy - Rob Woodruff Guide Services
Bridge and Beaver’s Bend Fly Shop.


On Sunday, May 24, 2015, a rainy spring, very poor scheduling of routine maintenance on the Broken Bow Hydroelectric Facility and an outdated water release protocol by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers all combined to push Broken Bow Reservoir to a historic level of 628 feet above sea level.  With the water beginning to top the Spillway Gates the Corps of Engineers opened all 8 flood gates 2 feet. This resulted in a release of around 22,000 cfs traveling down Spillway Creek and the Lower Mountain Fork River, flooding much of Beavers Bend State Park and damaging some roadways  and park buildings . This release is combined with an additional 5,800 cfs from the hydroelectric plant to give a total release of 27,800cfs and is causing unprecedented flooding along the Mountain Fork and Little River in Southeastern Oklahoma and Southwestern Arkansas.  For perspective normal release through Spillway Creek is about 90 cfs.  The 2009 flood event was a release of 6,000 cfs from the Spillway and a total release of just over 11,000 cfs.  This release will continue until the lake is down below the flood pool level.

You can monitor lake and release levels here:

Please note that Beavers Bend State Park is officially closed.  In addition the release has flooded the pumps that supply drinking water to the area and Hochatown and Broken Bow do not have a public water supply.  Most, or all, restaurants, restrooms, etc. are closed until the supply is restored.

I will provide an update and an assessment of the river and the Trout fishery as soon as the gates are closed.

Lake Fork and the other lakes I guide on in East Texas are in great shape and I will be offering guide trips for Bass and Bream until I can get back on the Lower Mountain Fork in a few weeks.

Broken Bow Entomology Class by Rob Woodruff – last OK class for a year

| October 5, 2013 | 0 Comments

Fly fishing in Oklahoma and Broken Bow, Oklahoma fly fishing.

ENTOMOLOGY for FLY FISHERS, October 26 & 27, 2013, Broken Bow, OK.

Oklahoma fly fishingA course designed for all fly fishermen, gives an overview of the invertebrates, both aquatic and terrestrial, that are of importance to the fly angler. Warm-water and cold-water environments are included. Topics covered include sampling techniques, identification of both larval and adult stages and simple biology of the species. The ultimate goal of the class is for the angler to develop the ability to equate in-the-field observation to fly selection and construction in order to achieve success.
Beavers Bend State Resort Park, Broken Bow, OK
October 26; Noon to 5pm, Three Rivers Fly Shop
October 27; 8am-11:30am, Mountain Fork River
Tuition- $75.00, Registration Deadline- Monday, October 21.

Contact Rob or Three Rivers Fly Shop (580) 494-6115 to register.

This will be the only opportunity to take the class on the Lower Mountain Fork until October 2014. Late October in Southeastern Oklahoma is a great time with crisp mornings, autumn colors and spawning Trout. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Rob Woodruff

NOTE – Far be it for me to question, but, I guess “spawning trout” at Beaver’s Bend is no longer a scientific debate? Heck, I guess if one spawns, they all spawn? I know I have to get back there soon!

Red River Fly Fishers Meeting Provides Wealth of Broken Bow Knowledge

| August 15, 2013 | 1 Comment

Trout Photo - Courtesy Dusty Montgomery
Lower Mountain Fork File Photo – Dusty Montgomery

The round tripper to Sherman, at 120 miles, was well worth the drive last week, as Jim Kelly unloaded a cascade of information on fly fishing Broken Bow, Oklahoma, on those who attended the meeting at Gander Mountain in Sherman.

Jim went over a lot of the rigs he uses to fly fish the Lower Mountain Fork – Beavers Bend – Broken Bow (call it what you want), as well as maps, and other references he uses, like Rob Woodruff’s Orvis report.


I really liked *Jim’s philosophy, the idea that you should know what’s going on before you go – weather conditions, lake level and generation schedule for the location. His insights into how to get that information are very good, and the amount of information he was forthcoming with … well, I am still digging my way out!


Illinois River Fly Fishing School March 15-16

| March 7, 2013 | 0 Comments

A service of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Illinois River Fly Fishing School offering March 15-16 angling clinic

Anglers interested in fly fishing can learn the sport March 15-16 at the Illinois River Fly Fishing School. The clinic will be based out of Tenkiller State Park and will feature instructional sessions as well as hands-on practice on the banks of the Illinois River.

Long-time instructor Mark Patton says the clinic lays a good foundation for both amateur and experienced anglers. While he “starts from the ground up,” Patton said even those familiar with fly fishing can benefit from the instruction.

The clinic will offer in depth information on equipment, tackle assembly, knots, flies, casting, and tactics and will include on-stream fishing instruction. According to Patton, participants will leave with a better understanding of fly fishing by learning how the equipment works and why it performs the way it does when operated properly. Upon completion of the Illinois River Fly Fishing School, Patton said participants will be ready to begin fishing by themselves.

“A guide right now in some places is $400 a day,” Patton said. “I try to get people to where they don’t need a guide.”

The clinic costs $150 and includes orientation on Friday night as well as Saturday morning sessions. Anglers are encouraged to stay and fish Sunday. Spots are limited, and registration is required by calling (405) 340-1992. Meals for the event are available for $30, or participants can provide their own. Participants are responsible for their lodging and can book a stay at the state park directly by calling (918) 489-5643.

Fly rods will be available for loan on Saturday, and participants who own their own gear are encouraged to bring it with them to the clinic. Participants should dress for outdoor conditions and bring a hat, sunglasses, coat, rain gear and flashlight. The “welcome session” begins at 8 p.m., Friday, March 15, after cabin check-in, and all indoor sessions and meals will be held in the community center located immediately north of the state park office.

For more information or to register, call Patton at (405) 340-1992.

Publisher’s Note – You may be starting to notice the soft spot I am developing for the Illinois River in Oklahoma, and it’s somewhere I’ve never been! So for now just think of the “soft spot” like you would the top of a baby’s head … and hope I don’t get dropped on it.

Blue River One Fly Contest Information

| January 15, 2013 | 0 Comments

Blue One Fly - Image Courtesy Barry Schrader

Oklahoma Blue River One Fly Contest Date Scheduled

General Information

Date Of Event: March 2nd , 2013
Place: Blue River Public Fishing And Hunting Area
Time Of Event: 7:30 a.m. till 12:30 p.m.
Starting Point: Main Parking Lot Campground Area Blue River
Blind Pairings Will Be Prior To Start Of Event
Entry Fee: $25.00 Per Contestant


The purpose of the Blue River One Fly Contest 2013 is two-fold. First, the mission of this event is create a day of greater fellowship among the fly fishing community on Blue River. Secondly, this event is designed as a fund raising event with the totality of monies raised by entries fees and mulligan flies going directly to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife in support of the Catch & Release section at Blue River. Funds will be monitored by and through the Blue River Association a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


*As the name implies, one fly only. NOTE: Contestants will be given one fly and will also be afforded the opportunity to purchase a mulligan fly. The mulligan fly is by no means mandatory and is of the choice of the contestant as a strategy or avenue to further support fund raising. The cost of the mulligan fly will be $10.00 and this fee will also go directly to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife.

*All contestants will receive the same pattern and the pattern will remain a mystery until the start of the event. When a contestant loses the fly (or flies) then that contestant is out. If the contestant loses the fly (or flies) and wishes to continue fishing for the sake of fishing then that contestant must turn their score card over to the person they are paired with.

*Contestants will be allowed to retie their fly, but must notify their partner they are doing so.

*Dry flies as strike indicators will not be allowed.

*Scored fish are fish brought to hand. Each contestant must alert their partner when a fish is brought to hand.

*Each contestant is responsible for keeping their own score card.

*Each contestant should devise a way for measuring fish that are caught. Length of each fish scores additional points.

*This entire event is based on the honor system.

This event will be limited to 36 contestants. Deadline for entering is February 22nd, 2013.

A copy of the general information, rules, and entry form will be available January 2nd, 2013. To obtain a entry form contact [email protected] An entry form will be sent to you as an attachment. Print the entry form, fill it out, include payment and mail both in. You will receive a confirmation email once your entry is received.


The top three finishers will be awarded fly fishing prizes and those prizes will be announced at a later date.

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