Monday Eclipse on the Sidewalk

| April 8, 2024 | 0 Comments

Wow, can you believe the news coverage of today’s eclipse. It wasn’t so long ago, 2017 in fact, that I was talking about a partial eclipse while fly fishing on Ray Roberts. If you don’t make it out, or you don’t get to see the fishy reaction to an eclipse? Let me tell you, there is a reaction! And that was only a partial eclipse, so I can imagine since a large swath of North Texas is in totality, the fish will turn on even more than the last time I witnessed a fly fishing eclipse. (This totality runs from Southeast Texas to Northeast Maine.) Watch your shadow disappear.

Return From Choctaw Nation

I am moving a little slow today, after an overwhelming visit to the Choctaw Nation over the weekend, and checking out some areas that need to be investigated with a fly rod. This southwestern area of Oklahoma is not totally unknown of course, but little did I know how beautiful it is. It is so nice, I want to slap myself for being so ignorant. Instead, I will make up for it – with some great adventures, and I am hopeful, enough time to go deep into this gem of Oklahoma that is THE CHOCTAW NATION. Future posts will touch on the adventure this past weekend, and what is ahead for some of us who want real fly fishing adventure.

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