| October 14, 2020

Well, it took long enough didn’t it! This video is also long enough … way long enough, but go ahead and grab yourself a couple of Oktoberfests, sit back and maybe you will get a nugget, or two, of information you may not have considered before.

For one single physical reference, I had to rate this (with my abundance of caution) at an 18+ audience on YouTube. If you are under 18-years-old, get permission to watch this video.

Thanks for your patience. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, and save this one to your favorites please – the information in it is timely and timeless too.

Another video comes out next week on translating big hardbaits, in this case Mirro-Lures to big edible flies.

END NOTE: This video lacks a bunch of fish porn – a lot of speckled trout on fly. I lost it somewhere, but it was more important to get this video out than to spend hours, days looking for the disappeared video.

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