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| May 23, 2016

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by Shannon Drawe

Carp on Fly Ray Roberts - Courtesy Photo

Good morning. Welcome from wherever you are to the source for current information on fly fishing in Texas. Sure, there’s a lot of other “stuff” thrown into this digital salad, but then fly fishing “hero” stories are so … 2004, aren’t they? Besides, the kids, the new generation, are the heroes, and they don’t seem to write very much. I wonder … do they read?

Carp on Fly Ray Roberts - Courtesy Photo

It seems we here in Central North Texas have been [ppw id=”133618700″ description=”Carp on the Fly” price=”.10″]

spared the storms that are firing up west of us this morning. (Rain has started since I began writing at 5-am) Talking weather heads said something about a  “sinking” spot over DFW that is causing storms to fall apart as they approach the area. Are you listening USACE? It’s hard to believe these decision makers at USACE are clearing habitat (draining Lake Ray Roberts) as quickly as possible, preparing for rain that’s not coming. But then, they are still the government aren’t they.

I had my text message gizmo blow up last night, as folks were wondering why I didn’t hit the Fly Fishing Film Tour in Fort Worth, Texas. I like good fly fishing porn as much as the next guy, but I figure it’s probably time to cultivate some new geographic / demographic ground, and meet more folks who may seriously be interested in chasing carp by skiff. I figure the Fort Worth folks must be tiring of the same old success stories by now, and as much as I enjoy the porn, I also enjoy spreading the gospel of carp in one-on-one personal conversations at these events. I’m just a preacher, and the local congregation has heard the 2016 sermon already, and is snoozing in the pews. So it’s time to pack up the tent and take this revival on the road – near and far. There’s never been a better time (or a worse time) to have to hit the road. Of course I am doing well enough for formal speaking engagements, but don’t be surprised if I crash a few of your events this summer – unannounced.

As for the week ahead; talkingweatherheads are hedging their bets, and only firm about rain chances on Friday, which means we really don’t know what the weather holds for us this entire week. Weather events seem to be extremely localized and intense right now. We’ve been finding carp, and although (you can see from the photos) they are eating from the hands of children, they are also having to adjust to daily change in habitat.

East Cape Fury Texas carp on fly

I had the great good fortune to explore some new locations with my friend JB, aboard his East Cape Fury on Saturday, and although we were battling the clouds (low vis) all day, we did manage to discover some places that were populated with carp. JB was on the pole, and had very good control over the East Cape that put me in to good position to have shots at carp in water so shallow their backs were sticking halfway out of water. If these weather patterns ever settle, I’ll have to check that location again! Everything seemed pretty well stirred by the bass tournament on Saturday, but if you can get shallow enough, you can get away from the glitter boats – no matter what.

Thanks for visiting this morning! Be safe on your commutes, wherever they may go, and be sure to check back for the freshest stink on fly fishing around here and other parts of Texas.

PS – Those storms they said were breaking just before they hit DFW? Well, we just had a lightning strike across the street, and it’s raining cats and dogs. So much for those highly educated talkingweatherheads.

Lake Ray Roberts Carp - Courtesy JB


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