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| June 30, 2014

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Don’t want to read? Then watch this video!

Welcome to wherever you are this morning! This post is supplemental to the video you see above. As I said a few weeks ago, we’re going to dedicate more time to video media information here at Texas Fly Caster. A lot of written words flow from here, and will continue to flow from here, but there’s no reason why we can’t take advantage of all media to get the news about Texas fly fishing out to readers, and VIEWERS, in a way that attracts even more people to the sport of fly fishing in Texas. As part of the aging generation of fly fishers, it’s obvious we need to reach younger potential fly fishers in the ways they expect to be reached. And the vast majority don’t tune in to read a bunch of words, do they? Who knows? Maybe written words are dead?
A WORD ON VIDEO FORMAT – I’ll be saving a fly fishing tip for the end of the Monday Morning Sidewalk videos, and you’ll have to watch to get that tidbit. It doesn’t get reprinted.

However, for those of you who are at work, and can’t crank up the volume (God forbid) on the video, I will still write the Monday Morning Sidewalk so you can read about what’s on the video.


We have had some weather stabilization in the past week, and the funny thing is it’s still behind the curve. No 100-degree days yet! And the winds are still raging out of the south to the tune of 20-30 mph sustained in the last couple of days.

TIP – If you’re lake fly fishing, find shelter on the south sides of coves. First – It will shelter you from the wind, and, Second – We have healthy mayflies and a big grasshopper population now, at lakes like Ray Roberts. Those bugs are being blown into the water, and the fish are figuring it out. Last – watch for bait pushes across open water that are ambushed on humps and over submerged roadbeds. Think like a fish!


TEXAS SALTWATER FLY FISHING – I am seeing posts on boards, like, talking about how the “fish are behind” “the weather is behind,” and they are using numbers like six weeks to describe how far behind they are. I haven’t been to salt yet, so I am way behind too. They all seem to agree though: Texas saltwater fly fishing is running behind the calendar.

TEXAS FRESH WATER FLY FISHING – Rains have helped different areas of Texas, and now the summer fly season is uneven – region to region. A “Nearby” place of interest should be Lake Granbury. You will remember I stopped there to look at the devastation a couple of weeks ago? Since then the lake has risen from -10.85 to -4.31! That’s up six feet, and a recipe for shallow water action as fish return to explore habitat. If you are in that area, let’s hear from you and what’s happening with fly fishing Lake Granbury.

Rains have also impacted rivers in Central Texas, along with other water bodies. Now is the time to know before you go, and check your destination’s lake levels, or river flow gauges. The talking weather heads reminded us over the weekend that in the summer of 2007, during the month of June, DFW received eleven inches of rain. That is more rain than the area has had for the entire year. And don’t forget that North Texas has ended with deficits the past several years (that the talking weatherheads don’t bother to carry forward!).

There will be more local information as the week goes on, as well as information from wherever we go. Be sure to pick up the latest copy of Lone Star Outdoor News! There’s an article in that issue on the Texas Fly Fishing EXPO, I think on page 11. You can also read online at, where they have an online version.


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