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| December 2, 2016

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I don’t think it hurts too much to look back and see where we came from occasionally, and I did some year-end cleaning of the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel last night (that unknowingly lead to a pile of accidental tweets detailing the cleaning) that slowed me down to look at some of the old videos titled “Texas Fly Fishing Report,” and in those was a guy who, in August of 2015, had no idea he was about to get hit by a truck.

It was amusing really, to see what I thought a battle with cancer would be like, compared to the truck that hit me and slowly backed up over me. At least I had a good attitude … blissful ignorance.

So as the year-end cleaning continues, it seems apparent that having a weekly “Texas Fly Fishing Report” does not really work on a weekly video basis for the slowly changing times of year. There will be another “Texas Fly Fishing Report” out next week though, because IT IS TIME now to do one. Look for that next week.

And to flesh out (keep it interesting) our next “Texas Fly Fishing Report,” I plan on adding some holiday oriented fly fishing gift giving ideas – just to make this one pony show more difficult to produce!

WORD – If you have any Backwoods gift cards, go to your local Backwoods store and use them As Soon As Possible. I am guessing that when / if they go into full liquidation mode, those cards will not be honored when you show up to clean out the remaining fly tying droppings. Personally, it’s not so bad to see the Fort Worth Backwoods go, as it directly relates to the local fly fishing scene. Hearing my written words (from this site) regurgitated as if they were the speaker’s own brilliant words, with no attribution? was a wakeup call I’ll never forget. And with never a single guide referral? Let me now put duct tape over my mouth.


If you think learning fly fishing, and guiding is ever complete, well it isn’t! I was involved in a conversation about guiding on the Blue River in Oklahoma, which I had planned to do, only to find out from a very good source that guiding there (since I had a guide guide me there) has been reinterpreted to be against the rules set forth in the original land agreement – that disallowed “businesses” in the park. I don’t think any of us will be losing any sleep over that news though.


Of course the Texas Fly Caster reporting on fly fishing in Texas has never really ceased, it just takes the form of written word in between those hot YouTube videos. Next year will be the tenth year for the Texas Fly Caster website, and those anniversaries that end in zero have a deep effect on the celebrants. (Just ask my ex-wife from almost two decades ago) It is difficult to tell where the zero year will go. Maybe it’s time to delete all the old stories, and start all over again? Write a book instead? Go YouTube exclusively? Downscale? Upscale? Resume the slide, “Fly Fishing Culture on the Skids” mantra? God knows the skids I have going! We’ll just have to see what happens … I’ve never been into doing the same thing again, and again, and expecting different results. It’s not so difficult to ignore the numerical fact this site is enjoying more traffic than at any time in its (10-year) history. There’s just an itch, as always, to be ahead of the curve.

North Texas is going to be wet this weekend, and more attuned to indoor sports, like … tying a mop fly, or doing some Christmas shopping (art buying) at Sons of Hermann Hall … or anything that keeps you out of the 40-degree & rainy weather. I appreciate a good challenge on the water, but if weather predictions hold, places like Blue River and Lower Mountain Fork will be pretty “stained” for our pursuits. No, your best bet is to run to the coast, beat this front, and cash in on our bountiful saltwater fly fishing along the Texas Gulf Coast as winter begins in earnest.

In Central Texas, the Guadalupe River trout fishery has been stocked, and those who care ask that you keep the pressure off those fish as they settle in (quit swimming in circles looking for Purina Fish Chow). Those fish, as well as synthetic fish in Oklahoma, really are more fun once they have had a chance to sample the rewards of going native. I bet the bait casters have already cleared half of those hapless synthetics out by now.

Have a fantastic weekend, whatever you do, and I WILL SEE YOU next week.

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