Fly Fishing in Texas? Texas Fly Fishing Report 032816

| March 30, 2016

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Thanks for tuning in to the Texas Fly Fishing Report this week! I am certainly trying to be more consistent in putting these out, and now that the fly conditions are starting to cooperate more across Texas, and now that the schedule is as clean as Telly Savalas’ head, you will be seeing a bit more of what’s left of me! I figured out that if I just keep the camera set up in the fly shop, it’s a lot easier to make the reports (and who knows what else) happen. I hope to be reporting from the skiff as soon as we can get some predictable weather …

I am always wanting to hear from the rest of Texas though! Whether you are a guide, or a hardcore fly fisher, call me up and leave a message with your report, and I will run that audio on the Texas Fly Fishing Report. Go ahead! Step up and be heard, if not seen, here on Texas Fly Caster. This site was never created to be about me being a talking head, and you can see from last year’s debacle just why that is. I am the weakest link. You – your knowledge, experience and willingness to expand the sport of fly fishing – are the fuel for EVERYONE’S fire. Go ahead and get some skin in this game! I am more than happy to report what I can when I can where I can, but I can’t be everywhere at once, and we are headed into the time of year where fly fishing gets downright HOT all across Texas. And if you are a guide, you know getting your message out to the exact audience you have been searching for (for free), on a high traffic site is … well, it’s priceless.

Thanks for watching though! And if you’re reading, double the thank you for that extreme compliment. If you don’t want to participate, at least point a finger at someone who you think would be a great interview – for their personality, knowledge, experience, uniqueness (strange, bizarre, tasty food, tasty beer …), notoriety or controversy.


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  1. shannon says:

    It was totally ON yesterday on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas! There are now carp bass and gar everywhere! Don’t believe me? Check out the Instagram photo from March 30.

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