Fly Fishing for Bass In Winter

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Return to Amon G. Carter Lake and Reservoir 8 With Greg Welander of Upstream on the Fly

There were many days spent fly fishing Amon G. Carter lake. That was a long time ago, and just going back a few days ago immediately brought back the memories of that part of far North Texas … and the Barnett Shale.

Having a frack truck show on the boat ramp when I arrived, and another show up after that one, sucking up water for a frack job was a stronger and louder memory than catching a bass in water temperatures in the upper 40’s and air in the middle 50’s in 2024. Time flies. If you have been reading along here, ALL along here, you know there were days and nights spent in the “middle of nowhere” in a little trailer, blown by the wind coming out of Oklahoma, snow blowing sideways, awake all night babysitting flowbacks, the drone of powerplants running lights around the pads, the routine sound of trucks pumping off flowback water over, and over and over again.

Amon G. Carter is at the virtual heart of the north range I used to work about a dozen to fifteen years ago. Also in that heart is Bowie, Texas, a little town that has become a charm for the weekend warriors who leave the DFW Messtroplex on weekends to escape their prisons for a weekend leave. The mansions are popping up now, along Amon G. Carter Lake. They proudly replace the old second-hand houses they scraped off the shore of the lake, and now on the Reservoir 8 side, the mansions are popping up on hilltops (to honor the easements I assume). None of this has yet changed the fact that Reservoir 8 and Amon G. are fishy lakes.

I hope this video helps you think about visiting Amon G. in spring! What I witnessed, and am telling you here is: This lake is quite manageable. It has some concerns – water wood. It is a bit low right now. The diversity here makes me think it may be a good carp lake – we will have to check that population. The bass are still here, even in winter. It is very accessible by kayak.

I obviously enjoy the “ride-alongs” as we used to call them in the newspaper business, and this ride-along is compliments of Greg Welander of Upstream on the Fly. Greg has the right boat – a Hog Island Skiffto guide you on fly on Amon G. Carter Lake, so be sure to contact him today and reserve your SPRING 2024 adventure!

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