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GRTU Fall 2017 Fishery Update Guadalupe River Trout

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Hard Summer on the Guadalupe River

by – Jimbo Roberts

Another Hot Texas Summer has come and gone.

To tell you the truth things looked bad. On May 15th, the lake was two feet below pool and it never got back to 909’msl all summer. We missed having the GBRA Flow Agreement kick in for this past summer once again and I was looking at another year with the possibility of very little holdover. The flows were about 180cfs until the end of June when they dropped to 100cfs. That meant we were going to lose most of the fish below Little Ponderosa. Then the other shoe dropped and flows fell to around 50cfs the first week in September. That couldn’t have come at a worse time as September is still a hot month and water temperatures soared throughout the system. Now we were losing fish below Maricopa. Then we received some much needed rain and late September the releases went back up to 100cfs. Just in time to save some of those trout in the upper river.

Now the good news. I was on the Guadalupe 10/2/17 looking the leases over. We still have trout down to Whitewater. I think John DeLoach’s daily feedings helped get many trout in the Tuber’s Loop through to this fall. TPWD will be doing some shocking surveys before our first stockings this season. When the results are known, I will pass them along to our membership.

For the 2017-18 season, we will be increasing our brown trout stocking to 2,000lbs with fish averaging 16-18″. This is 1,000lbs more than we have ever stocked, plus they will be delivered before mid-December. This, along with the 12,000lbs of rainbows, means that we will have more trout to fish for than ever before. We will also be planting leftover eyed rainbow trout eggs in Whitlock/Vibert Boxes in January, and fingerlings from “Trout in the Classroom” in late spring. With last season’s holdover and all of these new fish, trout fishing this season should be outstanding.

Other good news, the Lease Access Program is expanding this year to 18 sites. We will be making other improvements to the LAP to make it easier to understand all the program rules and those associated with each individual site. We will also be shooting some videos to explain the rules and philosophy of the LAP, along with a virtual tour of every LAP site soon. As always the Lease Access Pictures sticky on the Lease Members Forum will be your “go to” reference to each site and their own rules. The LAP packet will continue to include a map of all these sites and their basic rules, including GPS coordinates. Please keep all this information confidential to limit trespass and make continued lease renewal easier.

I am hoping that this will be the summer when we see a return of cold high summer flows, last seen in 2010. If this happens, those who have not fished these sustaining flows will see the true potential of the Guadalupe fishery. I have seen it, fished it, and it can be amazing. NOAA is predicting a return of La Nina conditions in the pacific starting this fall and continuing through winter. This means a likelihood of lower than average rainfalls in Central Texas. Predictions for the coming summer have not been formulated as of yet. Let’s pray for rain and hope for the best.

Jimbo Roberts | GRTU VP of Fisheries


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guadalupe river fly fishng texas fly fishing texoma denison dam #flyfishing #GRTU 

Well, it finally feels like the corner has been turned around here. Even if the words and their assembly is a little rusty, you know there’s at least enough happening in Texas fly fishing to warrant a vicarious post from the folks that are actually out there on the front lines now, casting into the early darkness of the fall, biding their time, staying in shape, heck maybe even hitting the vein of fish they’re seeking. 


I am not reading a lot about the striper action below the Denison Dam on the Red River, but from the photos I have seen, you can believe there are some very large striper there, and they are getting bigger. I will repeat that this doesn’t last forever! There are easy ways to target these fish – when the flow is off and you can slip and slide around the rock pools with a floating line, and potentially catch them in triple digits. This cooler weather with overcast makes this type of pursuit more viable, and broadens the window of opportunity.

AND there is another way I began to pursue the larger striper a few years ago, when most of the characteristics were just as they are now. First, know when the generation times are. Second, have your Oklahoma fishing license (you’ll need it for winter trout anyway). Third, park and fish on the Oklahoma side. I used an intermediate sinking line, and huge honking Clousers that I would cast at a 90-degree angle to the flow as generation began. I would let the current carry the fly, and feed out more line at the same time. You can feel the fly rattling and bouncing over the rocks, and it should pull all the way to a dead drift parallel to the river, and between heavy current and the swirl of the pool. LOCATION – the outcropping before the last big pool before the OK side straightens out to a typical river bank. Strip the fly in slowly, and let the current work the action of the fly while pointing the rod tip directly at the line (no arc in the fly line). This insures a direct and solid hookset, and you’ll need it when one of these bruits takes hold. I always likened hooking a striper to hooking a wall – everything stops. And once you’ve taken hold of a striper in the 8-pound range on an eight weight rod, that’s how it’ll feel. Always be aware of the waterline, and keep your eyes on the rising water because it comes up fast. This action runs for a limited time. I rarely caught anything after an hour of the gates being open, which to me means the big fish really do eat when the dinner bell rings, and they eat big and fast and are done.


There’s evening opportunities to catch bass, sand bass and crappie right now at the Isle Du Bois Park (IDB) – right near the fishing pier. You may have to adjust your fly fishing strategy for getting to the crappie around the pier, but when I was there a few evenings ago, there where schools of sand bass and bass closer to shore as well. The rains and storm that came through that area last night could have effected things, but the USACE was pre releasing water from the dam leading up to last night’s storm, so the pier could still be above water (barely).

One huge surprise that awaits visitors to IDB Park is the entire thing appears to have been repaved – parking lots, roads … everything. Not that it matters to us fishers, but it certainly makes one of the best looking parks on a North Texas lake look even better. Long time readers may have already known about my soft spot for this lake, but if you have never visited this particular park, make sure you do.


I received an e mail in the last few days which outlines some of the difficulty the folks who control the stocking of the GRTU trout (not the same as TPWD stockings) are having with determining when to have the GRTU areas stocked. Apparently, the water temperatures coming out of the dam are still running 65-70 since the thermocline was decimated by the rains, and that leaves no choice but to hold off on stocking those trophy fish until water temperatures drop significantly.

So we have the Guadalupe hobbled by water temperatures, and we have the Oklahoma trout fisheries – Beaver’s Bend and Blue River – beaten up pretty badly by the floods. Anybody have a recommendation for the next nearest trout fix for this winter?


My scant postings have already skipped over a few of the North Texas meetings for this month, but there are still some remaining meetings throughout the state.

  • November 10 – Central Texas Fly Rodders (Waco) & Central Texas Fly Fishers (San Marcos)
  • November 11 – Brazos Valley Fly Fishers & Laguna Madre Fly Fishers (Corpus Christi)
  • November 16 – East Texas Fly Fishers (Longview)
  • November 17 – Alamo Fly Fishers (San Antonio)
  • November 26 – Rockport Fly Fishers (Rockport)


A week has now passed since my last radiation treatment, but it only now feels like they switched off the confounded machine. From what I can tell, the turn from treatment to recovery is shaped more like a very wide open letter “U” than what I would prefer to be a sharp letter “V.” Regardless, if you are interested in more about the personal health issues (that are finally subsiding), I invite you to read about that at the Caringbridge journal. Needless to say, I am chomping at the bit to get back in the groove – our groove.

Blue River Oklahoma Reset

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blue river oklahoma fly fishing tishomingo flooding #flyfishing denison dam fly fishing striper

Oklahoma fly fishingI saw some differing information on the Blue River near Tishomingo OK, the other day, and decided it was time to get back to one of our fall Basic go to places. From Denton, it’s only about an hour-and-a-half up HWY 377 to get to the Blue River out in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. Now while we’re on the subject of of Tishomingo, I was trying to pry myself awake early this morning to the classic Cohen Brothers film, “O Brother …” and I got to the scene where they picked up a bluesman named “Johnson” at the crossroads, and got a wild hair to go over to a radio station in Tishomingo and cut a track with their new hitchhiker from hell.

Now, there’s one I had missed, but when they pull up to the radio station … I could easily imagine that place as the Tishomingo I have seen so many times.

I got ahold of Barry Schrader the defacto guru of the Blue River, and here’s what he said about the situation on the ground at the Blue River:

I plan on visiting Blue soon.  Parts have been closed due to the floods. Area 1 is scheduled to open up this week. 
The river is really beautiful now.  It was blown absolutely clean with almost 50 inches of rain over a 10 week period.  Sandbars we use to stand on are no longer there.  New sandbar formations have been born.  The river is wider in places.  Banks have been eroded.
I will send you an update along with some pictures.
Take care my friend. 

There you have it. If you do decide to go, remember that Oklahoma stocking begins again November 1. So any early visits may as well be focused on exploration and mapping for a redesigned location! It’s pretty exciting to think a place as predictable as the Blue River could be rendered NEW AGAIN, but it sounds like that is exactly what has happened. There’ll probably be some of the rubs between the catch-and-release folks and the killers, but once the lines are known, it’s a place where everyone pretty much gets along fine.

Remember to do a search on the right side “Search This Site” using the words “Blue River Oklahoma” for a thorough listing of all stories about the Blue that reside on this site.


Images were creeping onto my Facebook feed late this morning; apparently there has been another x00-year flood event down there, and the have been doing whitewater rescues all day long. I wonder just how many of these “100” year, or however many hundred years, rain events have hit that area in the last, what, fifteen years?

Timing is everything, so there may be a mass migration to Oklahoma if the Guadalupe takes another of those major hits like it has in the recent past … hope they are all okay, and recover as soon as possible. If you hill country guys do need a “Plan B” though, you may just want to look at Oklahoma.


There is a Plan C. It’s called The Red River at Denison Dam, where I am getting reports much like the floods of years past. There are a large variety of striper sizes to be caught there – now that they were dumped by the flooding, and are getting a bit hungry a few months into their exile. Don’t make the mistake other fly guys make, and think they’re going to be there forever. The local killers will come in and clean every one of those stripers out they possibly can, and they won’t stop coming until they’re all gone. I did get an invite to go do this, but striper below Denison Dam is one of the most physically demanding fly outings there is around here, and I am just not up to it yet. You really need to bring a second person, good boots with spikes and a wading stick. The last time I had success there, I was fly fishing the Oklahoma side during the beginning of the release. Action would get fast and furious when they opened it up, and lasted about an hour. It was a perfect, if ancient, memory.

Remember to do a search on the right side “Search This Site” using the words “Denison Dam” for a thorough listing of all stories about the striper at Denison Dam that reside on this site.


Living Waters Events Update for Austin Area Fly Fishers

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austin fly fishing fly shop guide chris johnson #flyfishing

fly fishing austin texas #flyfishingHey Austin area fly fishers: If you haven’t checked out the events page at Living Waters Fly Fishing, then you may not know that this is the busiest season for Chris Johnson, owner of Living Waters in Round Rock, Texas. Seeing a schedule like this leaves little doubt that the Central Texas area IS the epicenter of freshwater fly fishing in Texas.



January 24, Saturday – GRTU General Meeting
Chris will be the guest speaker at the GRTU general meeting and will be presenting on the lesser known side of the Guadalupe. His presentation will be focused around the multispecies opportunities that await those who fish the Guad in the warmer months. For more information, visit www.grtu.org .

January 28, Wednesday – Fly Tying Night
Come join us for our regularly scheduled fly tying night. We meet at Pok-E-Jo’s BBQ at 6:00 P.M. for dinner and gather back at the shop around 7:00 P.M. for tying. Make sure that you tell Pok-E-Jo’s that you are with the Fly Tying Group, and you will get 10% off your meal! There is round table tying for those wanting to tie their own patterns, and there is also a designated “Fly of the Night,” for which all material and instruction is provided. FLY OF THE NIGHT: TBA

January 31, Saturday – TROUT DAY
9:00 A.M. – Doors Open / Round Rock Donuts
10:00 A.M. – Fly Fishing the Guadalupe Year-round
Chris will be giving a presentation on fly fishing the Guadalupe for a variety of species ranging from wintertime trout to warm water bass and sunfish!
1:00 P.M. – Tenkara Fishing for Trout
We are going to go through the basics of Tenkara and share a few rigging/fishing tips that are deadly when applied to our Southern trout tailwaters.
3:00 P.M. – Fly Fishing the Lower Mountain Fork River
Chris is a licensed guide in Oklahoma and guides private multi-day trips and fly fishing club outings on the Lower Mountain Fork River. The LMFR boasts a very strong population of both rainbow and brown trout and is an absolute delight to fish! Come and learn how to make the most of your next trout trip to Oklahoma.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE – – – FEBRUARY actually continues the momentum in Central Texas! I will have more details soon, but if you have a look on the left side of the page, you’ll see there’s a new ad for GRTU Troutfest Tickets. That link will get you straight to to purchasing ticket for the Friday night banquet.


November at Living Waters Fly Shop Round Rock Texas

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Courtesy Living Waters Fly Shop

Guadalupe River rainbow trout. Photo Courtesy – Living Waters Fly Fishing

From Chris at Living Waters Fly Fishing fly shop

Greetings Fellow Fly Fishers,

It’s hard to believe that October is almost over and our Texas trout season is upon us!  Things are busy as ever around the fly shop and we have had some great fall days on the water as of late.  A huge thank you to all of our customers who came out to Oktoberfisch this year, and a an equally huge thank you to the Fredericksburg Fly Fishers for putting on such a great event!  We have a full events calendar for November and we look forward to seeing everyone at the shop.  Our full events calendar is posted on our events page at www.livingwatersflyfishing.com/events.  Call the shop at (512) 828-3474 if you have any questions about our events or if you simply need the latest fishing report!  Take care and God Bless!

Tight Lines,

Living Waters Fly Fishing