Stomping on Home

| January 25, 2021

After nearly a week in H Town, TX, I am back in my old drafty, cold farmhouse here in Denton, Texas. I know, there’s no farm anymore. The City took it all in and gave us what we have now.

But I was thinking about it this morning. There’s nothing quite like a grand slam for the guy who hit it, and many times, as he’s rounding for home in a big game, his teammates stand waiting as he jumps in the air and stomps on the plate. 

That’s kind of how it feels this morning. That journey … around the bags, touching all, non stop and the joy of coming home. There just isn’t enough of that for any of us these days, as the virus climbs its worst spike so far. Not only have we not been around the diamond, we haven’t even been able to swing a bat for … so, so long.


I heard a snip on Tom Brokaw this morning, one ear open, I think they said he was “retiring?” Yeah, I don’t believe that. One of the original fly fishing Buccaneers, the piece went on to show the younger Brokaw on the shores of Normandy with a couple of the veterans who stormed the beaches. It was the 50th. anniversary of D-Day, and these two vets were still young enough to remember and tell their stories. This is when Tom Brokaw first uttered the term “Greatest Generation,” a name that will stick with these North Americans for … well, I believe forever.


All I can come up with, obviously I am no Tom Brokaw, is the “Lowest Generation” to describe what we have in it’s physical prime here in the United States today. How else could we describe a large number of good Citizens so easily led astray from democracy, and the values the United States was founded upon? This US Generation is split in so many ways, and I for one, want those who would have a dictator to rejoin us in reality – as soon as possible, but however long it takes. And what will it take? I am pretty convinced it will take a constant pounding, a driving home of CIVICS 101 – – from the beginning of the founding of the USA to present day, a constant drum beat of what we learned when it was still taught in public schools … taught by teachers who were educated in, and in love with this great experiment. YES, many of my best high school teachers were from that Greatest Generation. So maybe we could start by knowing who is teaching the next generations now? I believe we will not be able to get away with the current level of history, civics and political science educators – be it at 6th. grade or the master’s level – any longer. I believe our teachers need to go back to school, and a fair number need to be deprogrammed – for sure. Some need to be drummed out. I digress …


I managed to get over to Seabrook, Texas, last week, which is a far piece from where my family lives – in Spring/Woodlands area – on the way to Coastline Marine . I was stunned to see so much accessible water in the area where NASA is located, and that just goes to my inexperience in that area. What you might do is; go BACK to my Friday Post if you like, and there you can find links out to more videos that came out last week, as well as WRITTEN information. I will break down those videos into posts this week, with words to accompany them – starting tomorrow.

After a spring-like front rolled loudly through early this morning, it gave way to bluebird skies today, and significantly warm temperatures for tomorrow. What’s a fly fisher to do? Actually, as the skiff gets closer to its final stages of what I always wanted it to be, to look like and function like, I bet tomorrow will be busy in the boat barn. I’ll be sure to run photos of the new casting platform from Coastline Marine – on my INSTAGRAM INSTA FISH FEED sometime this week as well. It seems like there’s a lot going on, but we all know it can get squashed in a moment by some freak snowstorm, or other natural or political event! So let’s get busy!

END NOTE: Big upgrade of my Adobe software underway, so no photos today! Stay tuned though, and hang on – it’s about to get crazy!

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