Friday Fly Fishing Roundup

| January 22, 2021

Greetings all – from North H Town, Texas. After five months separation from family, I made my way down to Houston’s outer edges – Spring, Texas – to spend some more isolated days with family. 

I did sneak away yesterday, and braved the misty, and clogged arteries of Houston to go down south and pick up a casting platform, I ordered long ago, from the folks at Coastline Marine in Seabrook, Texas. Priced and built to my exact needs got my attention from the first, and the final platform’s BUILD surpassed – by far – my expectations. And it didn’t hurt to have such friendly people who invited me into the back to watch fabrication and photograph (remember I am a photographer? I almost forgot!) anything I wanted to photograph. Fantastic experience.

I have to admit, I was completely intrigued by the NASA area, all the water there, and WHY I had never been there before. As expansive and sprawling as that part of the bay system is, I would have expected to see boats fishing the rocks, docks and marinas and bridges. But there must be something else I don’t know? The area seems to be mostly heavy boating industry, and nice boat launches for going elsewhere in the bay system. Maybe a reader can clue me in on this area — because it definitely seems worthy of exploring. It was a misty Thursday, so maybe it is crowded in close on weekends? Regardless, it was cool to drive by and see the space shuttle perched atop a Boeing 747!

From there it was over to Santa Fe, Texas, to visit my friend, artist Mike Quinn, who I had covered in Lone Star Outdoor News (and here) a few years back – when he was reviving his dormant art business. Things are now going gangbusters for him, and the shift from shows to online sales has played perfectly into the business of his unusual fish art – see Mike Quinn’s Fish With Attitude HERE.


I am taking things a bit out of their chronological order here, so what lies ahead is some videos that I am behind on pushing out for you guys to view – if you like! The easy way to stay up on videos, is to subscribe to the YouTube Channel, and that way you will get the notices when they are published!

The two remaining videos are about a new (to me) net company O’Pros, and a “How To Tips” video on keeping your leader tying line spools organized, and getting rid of that frustrating problem. I will just link to them for now:

NEW VIDEO – O’Pros Custom fly fishing nets

NEW VIDEO – How to Manage Your Leader Spools

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