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| January 27, 2021

Fly Fishing Net Review

If you are anything like the typical fly fisher, you search, research and touch your finger on the “order trigger” with great caution – when it comes to gear you know is important to your success, or to the successful fly fishing of those that are depending on you to know exactly what to use and when to use it. Most of my readers can’t afford to make many mistakes, and I have made a few just for you!

I have been catching fish on fly for awhile now, and I have to say that the only reason I use a net is because, a) it’s a damn good fish and I actually remembered my net, or, b) I am netting it for someone else, and we NEED to, HAVE to, land that fish! Translation: I rarely use a net, but my hopes spring eternal, so I looked and looked for the right net. And a net is always in the skiff just in case lightning does strike.

For years, I have been looking to companies to do what I THINK is the right thing; offer the right net, the right size (for big carp and bass and redfish), and the right length for a skiff. God only knows how I found it online, but I finally did.

O’Pros Fly Fishing Products

Nets are like pliers – you can spend as much money as you want, and at the end of it, you have a net and a pair of pliers. That’s it, no matter what you think, that is what you get – lifetime … guaranteed. And you can spend more money than you ever imagined on each of these necessities as you would ever want to – we’re talking inheritance arguments amounts of money!

So, once again I spent a lot of down time looking, until out of the Great White North came O’Pros Fly Fishing with a big net (diameter), big hoop (you can choose hoop color!), deep net (choose your depth) and made of clear rubber. And get this: You can choose the handle length as well! My original fly fishing net parameters were:

  1. A clear net made of rubber
  2. A big hoop to fit a carp inside on the swim
  3. A long enough handle to stow away, but reach down from the skiff
  4. A net deep enough to hold carp
  5. Price that does not absolutely break the bank – bend but not break
  6. Durable build, no frills and no premium for hipster marketing

Imagine my disbelief as I checked off all the customizing boxes and pulled the “order trigger” for a mid length deep, rubber net! Essentially, you are ordering a one-off custom net. Where else can you do that? Who else does that for a non-trout net?

I quickly received the net in its own special gear/shipping zip bag – smart guys! saves the packaging time and cost – and cut the zipper zip tie and it was in perfect shape. This net has everything going for it right off. Size and length are exactly what I had hoped for, and with a little use? We always follow-up and I am sure to give you an update at the end of the year to let you know how it performed. Isn’t it amazing what excites we fly fishers?

DISCOUNT CODE = OPROSTEXAS will get you 10% off your order!


Clear Nets – It has been my experience that fish come to clear nets better than any other kind of black net out there. Even if the net is clear, I was stoked to see the hoop could be made in clear (unfinished) aluminum. That just makes it even easier. If I could offer any advice to rubber net makers in China, or from USA to China, I would say start making the darn nets in GREEN and LIGHT BROWN – forget about black!

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