September Giving Way

| September 27, 2021

Is there any doubt left among us? The seasons are changing once again, and the last thing I want this season is; to try doing the same old things and expecting different results. How about you? What is your fall 2021 looking like? Arkansas, Texas salt? You fill in the blank, and let us worry about turning green with envy for your explorations.

We deal in brutal honesty here at Texas Fly Caster, and to be brutally honest? The carp season in North Texas, and specifically Lake Ray Roberts was significantly more difficult than usual. How difficult was it? Well, this year it’s already over. This year the most seasoned carp fly fisher, who I traded texts with last night, said he never caught a single carp this year. Do I need to go on? I think it better to move on than go on …


I have a few invitations sitting in front of me for some unique experiences this fall. There has been an “open invitation” for some Northern Arkansas White River float and fly fishing for those awesome brown trout. The Corpus Christi to Rockport area could well be in our sights during the Texas Gulf Coast’s golden month of October, and a solid ask came in to GO do a two-nighter on the Brazos in October. Lake Murray in Oklahoma, and Texoma are both on my mind nowadays – because of the smallmouth population on both of these lakes. Texoma has a (h2O) temperature trigger (lower 60’s) that brings the “bigguns” out to eat, and we’re not quite there yet. The current temperature on Texoma is 79-degrees f. All I have to do is get there from here.


I have to skip along the sidewalk this morning, and get out to shoot some promos for my increasingly popular fly line management tool – the fly line mats that are now shipping coast-to-coast-to-coast. It occurred to me, for someone who has no idea about fly fishing, much less fly line management on a technical poling skiff? I tried explaining what they are in a personal discussion, and the glassy-look told me what video would come next. So this new video on the mats should go a long way toward what makes them work, why you need one, and how they are different from all the others on the market today (and certain to be copied tomorrow!).


Fall is a fantastic time for fly fishing lessons! Don’t forget that when you sign up for lessons with me, it includes a proprietary private set of videos to help backup the lessons, and watch afterwards at your leisure. These videos are broken down into very small and short segments, and there is no additional cost for these videos (a tool certain to be copied tomorrow by others!). 


Notice I am planting my flag on certain merchandise, and concepts? The better part of creativity (I clam a small part in participating in creative pursuits), is being flattered by imitation, but we live in an age where it appears that people love standing on your shoulders when you’re standing in quicksand – no credit given whatsoever. It’s all good, I am just not on the same page when it comes to giving credit where credit is due. Enough said on that though!

Thanks for reading the Monday Morning Sidewalk! If you would like to “listen to” the sidewalk, you need to sound off yourself! I will make an effort to delve into audio recordings for our Mondays to get started off on the right foot, but there needs to be DEMAND for it. Keep your eyes on the road and your hand on the wheel …

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