October 1 Fly Fishing Report

| October 1, 2020

Hello readers! I hope you are watchers too. If you still have not made the move to my Texas Fly Caster (yours actually) YouTube Channel, you might want to do it now. The BIG REASON you would want to do that is because for the second time this year, I have logged out of Facebook aka. the Devil’s Den. I would like to inspire you to do the same for the remainder of 2020 so that we can defeat the Chinese Communists and Russians – who have you figured out – IF YOU ARE a Facebook user. Don’t believe that statement? That makes the enemy very happy as well.

So this video is from the lovely destruction construction of our Airstream Safari. Progress has slowed as we had weather to deal with – and when it comes to multiple layers of fickle paint on interior aluminum skins? The weather needs to be near perfect – for more than one day.

I am highlighting some upcoming videos in this video as well. Coming soon are, 1 – a short video on the Chittum Laguna Madre II, 2 – a longer video on fly fishing reel selections for those starting out, 3 – a video on translating conventional artificial saltwater baits into fly patterns that work on the Texas Gulf Coast, 4 – finally a video on Port O’Connor, Texas, fly fishing.

Now the fly in our ointment is this laptop that is showing signs of being hobbled when it comes to producing these videos. This could be a real deal breaker when it comes to delivering all that content in a timely way that keeps me from pulling what little hair I have left – COMPLETELY OUT!

I do want to highlight one part of this video just in case you don’t watch it: Please let me know what fly fishing you are doing now, and the rest of the year. And if it is successful or unusual? I am BEGGING YOU to tell me about it. I can guarantee I can keep sacred spots secret, despite video and photography. AND if you want to fly fish on salt, maybe we can work something out? Keeping in mind that I do not guide on salt, set your imagination free when it comes to enticements! There’s almost no better time for Texas salt than October.

As fall arrives, with a supercharged atmosphere, endings and beginnings, I can’t help but think back on what an uneven year of fly fishing this has been. Yeah, that isn’t the most important thing that happened this year, the virus did have a big effect on our fly travels, the weather, the cut … you can tell this will be a future story.

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