Monday Morning Workout

| April 10, 2023

The morning is shaping up fine here on the Lower Laguna Madre today. The wind is down, and there is only a small chance of rain today – forty-percent. The talking weatherheads say the sun will peak from behind the clouds starting tomorrow and we will get a South Texas heater by Saturday. I say bring it on.

The Island formally ramps down until the next big event now that the Mexican holiday week has ended. Semana Santa, which begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday is a massive event for the Nation that sends many thousands of celebrants to this little Island in the Gulf of Mexico. Crowds were heavy, it was loud and ended with the big bang of a large fireworks show out my back door last night.

This was the first Semana Santa I can recall knowing about, and while I remained holed-up for the Texas Spring Break (the half I was in camp for), this week just past looked to be a full fledged, getting back to normal event. Police regulated traffic, the WalMart was basically drained and all the vendors said a huge amen.

Go For Launch OR Rusted Stuck

While the Nation of Mexico started finding their way back across the US-Mexico Border yesterday, the locals in South Texas are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the launch date for the rocket currently on the pad here at Boca Chica Beach Space X. Looking across at the Boca Chica Jetties, there were thick crowds there – to vacation and fish over the weekend.

Apparently the way a Space X launch happens is something of a mystery wrapped in red tape. For whatever reason, you can’t just launch a rocket anymore in the US … what is up with that? Nowadays, you have to tell the Federal Government you have your rocket ready to launch, and they may give you your window, and they may take their sweet time … watch the owner’s tweets … think about it a little more … and then give a go. By then the rocket is rusted to the tower. UPDATE – It looks like the Super Heavy Starship Prototype Full Stack Test Flight is scheduled for April 17 at 7am!

Sea Bean Search

My day looks to consist of chasing down sea beans. My S.O. is in town and the sea beans I gave here as a meager welcoming gift? Well, they triggered something (you could say backfired), and now she’s we’re obsessed with hunting down sea beans, sailor’s hearts or whatever you want to call them.

Have a great week, while I try to keep our eyes on the South Padre prizes. Add sea bean searches to the list of things you can do while on South Padre Island, along with rocket launches and so much more! Thanks for tuning in to and reading the Texas Original Monday Morning Sidewalk from right here on South Padre Island, Texas!

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