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| October 21, 2019

Yes, ToTo we are in Dallas

I hope this Monday Morning finds you with a roof over your head! We had some extreme storms pass through North Texas last night – tornados destroyed homes, businesses and cars in the Dallas area. One day, one day we will get our turn here in Denton – lady luck lives here for now.

Today’s video is on what all it takes, more or less to run shallow on a technical poling skiff in Texas. The video talks about the simple stuff, and moves to the difficult and sublime pieces and parts that go into running TEXAS shallow.

  • trim tabs
  • tunnel hull
  • electric tilt
  • jack plate
  • motor height
  • props
  • tweaking height, angle and tabs
  • the Shaw Wing Cavitation Plate

If you are monied, then all of this can come along with your off-the-shelf skiff, but for others it comes a piece at a time, and the jury is still out on whether it is worth doing all of this to a skiff (like mine) that came without a tunnel. Apparently, much value is added when pieces are cut OUT of a skiff hull – creating your brand-unique tunnel.

If you are wondering what is happening nearby, I spent two days camping out on the water and waiting for my nemesis to show up – grass carp on Lake Ray Roberts. The general problem is that the two days were bluebird clear. That’s not a good thing for hunting my Moby Dick. I legitimately hooked, and fought for awhile, a 30-pound class fish a few years back. In recent times? I am seeing the common grass carp in the 70-pound range. They appear like aliens, twelve-inch-wide tails wagging in the breeze, taunting you like an enemy flag, and probably the second most difficult fish to catch in their environment.


So the weather from here on out, through the off-season, needs to be bad to be good for chasing my Moby. OR, it is time to go places and try new-old things once again. The first that comes to mind is Daingerfield, next is Galveston on Black, and I have always wanted to hit the San Antonio area cooling lake – Lake Braunig – for freshwater redfish. I was motivated once again by this lake because I got to it in five road hours on my way to Mansfield a few weeks ago.

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