| April 22, 2019

I Get So Blown Away

Hello, I am glad to welcome you to a Monday Morning treat – the Texas Fly Fishing Report, which has been all over the calendar until just about … now!

Maybe we can make sense of the totally jacked calendar – weekdays that is – by shifting the original Texas Fly Fishing Report to being produced on weekends, and ready for you to watch Monday morning? I don’t exactly know, but EASTER SUNDAY certainly worked well for some “down time” to spend the hours it takes to put one of these together.

The video has no scroll at the end, and doesn’t need one this time of year. Things are in bigger general patterns that don’t need the breakdown until they are actually worthy of breaking down, right?

Remember that not only does my “research” go into creating these reports, I rely on shows that cover much more ground, like the Texas Insider Fishing Report and Fox Sports Southwest (Jeesh that host makes me feel young!).

This report is a bit of a departure, as I attempt to make it more dynamic and interesting. Not only have we gone to more cameras, I am looking to delve into art and music as the report rolls. I think it works. What do you think?

THE SPAWN – Carp are in a full-on spawn right now, and that makes for very technical fly fishing. I am not saying the sun doesn’t shine on a dog’s rear every so often, but let’s see you catch carp on demand — when the spawn is full-on like it is right now! If you want more technical details, feel free to let me know. You can e mail me or call me any time. If you want to be added to my HOT SPOT text messaging, be sure to say so!

BOOKING A TRIP – You can contact me about booking a carp trip now! Many are called, and few are chosen … it’s not that I choose a few, but carp are pretty picky! Make no mistake, the time is now.

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