Monday Morning and the Carnival Has Left Town

| June 14, 2021

Good Morning from the flooded and damp Monday Morning Sidewalk!

Conditions in North Texas are righting themselves this week, as the switch was flipped over the weekend, and now we are being steamed to perfection by temperatures in the upper 90’s and heat indexes … well enough said.

The carnival and its barkers have left town by now, and the BASS BassMaster of the Universe has earned a payout in the range of $300K for three days of fishing on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas. Imagine that? 

Let’s put on our “What-if Hats” for a moment, and wonder what if … what if fly fishing was a real paying sport? What if the Tarpon Gold Cup was worth $300K? Do you think I would be there, beating myself silly trying to get in place to qualify and participate? Would you be there? Yes, I’d be there right after a trip down to the crossroads, that’s all I can say …

For those of you new to Monday Morning Sidewalks, this is the one day when we lick the wounds inflicted over the weekend, Super Glue them shut and look forward to the week and weeks ahead. This time of year – whether it’s a lack of action on the skiff, or too much action on the skiff, or the lawn has to be mowed twice a week, or the flood waters have to be rerouted around the house – is a time of year when there is a good chance nothing gets posted here between Mondays. This, my fly fishing friends is NOT one of those weeks. There is too much ahead, and too little behind, to dillydally. 

I have to bring you new music finds, and a live show to come at Dan’s Silver Leaf next Saturday to outline … it’s almost like listening to a soundtrack when they speed up the heartbeat (yes we had a heartbeat) … you know we’re headed to some kind of climax, win or lose.

At four-plus feet over conservation pool, the number one carp lake in Texas, Ray Roberts, is going to be a challenge to wrangle. Nevertheless, I am off and out there today, trying to dial it in so that two days this week are as good as they can possibly be for the guests on board. IF YOU WERE thinking of booking a trip for carp, bring it on! While the USACE is not releasing water, the consumers will be drawing this lake down post-haste, as they overwater their waterlogged yards, and that means conditions will only improve … until they don’t.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation

I don’t know how many of you have any knowledge of the TPWF, but whatever you know would probably benefit my efforts to bring the Trinity River Denton Greenbelt Debacle to their attention. The organization seems to fit the description of an organization that would consider this project, the debacle, completely in their wheel house. That is, according to their website, I would think they would take on this easy target that is so close to DFW and so many members who could make a difference. Please share any advice, or knowledge of this organization with us, because I don’t want to focus (waste) any efforts on them that would be better placed elsewhere. Is there a 501c3 in my future? I sure as heck hope not! Talk about a black hole of time? Imagine creating something that you know you will never live long enough to see the success? That’s my view of the Denton Greenbelt Debacle. It would be more time efficient (for me/you) to leave North Texas and never come back. 


I was talking to an old friend just yesterday, and she said something on the topic of living long, to the tune of, “never rest, never quit,” and that is why I am dabbling in audio these days, and trying to figure out the best way to make it accessible for your listening pleasure. I have little desire to get snagged in the weeds of doing an Apple Podcast. There are way too many dead fly fishing podcasts there already, besides those flat brimmed beardos who look alive but are a series of shameless plugs to get free shite.

That said, to say this: I will never rest, and don’t mind going down blind alleys, when it comes to finding creative ways to bring you readers the content that I hope helps, informs and entertains. If you choose to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel, I am now doing their BETA testing of “Shorts,” which I see as a potential rival to the short videos on other platforms. But this audio thing? I think you will be pleasantly surprised at where it is going. Stay tuned Flat Brimmed Beardo Buddies – – – I love you!

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