| June 17, 2021

Friday night at Dan’s Silver Leaf, here in Denton, Texas, local band Big Tasty & The Moonshiners take over Dan’s for a live and in person show, as our world begins to open up again.

I’ve seen this band, and they are truly what they call themselves, a 70’s and 80’s feel good music cover band. So come on out and make sure to visit the Denton Art Room table that will be setup there – AND BUY some locally made Denton art!


HIGH TIDES – Switching abruptly to fly fishing, we have a disturbance in the Bay of Campeche that will probably exert some higher water levels on the inshore bays as it (is rumored to track) heads for Louisiana. Now, Louisiana, if we have not been following, has had something in the range of 48-inches of rain in the last month, so the last thing they need is another 24-inches of rain.

GREEN GRASS – I don’t know about you but I am having to mow my little patch of grass twice a week right now, and the water on the lakes? It’s way up into the grass as well. In fact, after spending two unproductive days this week on Lake Ray Roberts, I had to throw in the towel and reschedule my trips that were on the books. The Ray Roberts Dam is shut because of the pressure that would put on downstream (Lewisville Lake), and further down from there. At some point, at some point, at some point Ray Roberts will have to open up because evaporation and consumption will not get the picnic table tops to the surface in time for July 4 traffic. Johnson Branch park is inundated, ramp closed, and park underwater. The ramp north of Sanger Boat Ramp is closed and the ramps are pulled. Buck Creek ramp is closed and the ramps are pulled. So, we now realize, being at the top of the Trinity River Lake Chain does have its minuses. 

That means it’s time to move on! If we can’t fly fish Ray Roberts with success, then we have to GO TO where we can AT LEAST launch a skiff. The lake I am setting my sites on next week? That would be a return trip over to Bridgeport. There are a significant number of people who know more than I do about this lake, but for some reason they don’t exactly “volunteer” their knowledge willingly. I do like that lake, although it is nothing like Ray Roberts, but then Ray Roberts isn’t like Ray Roberts right now anyway!

Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel …

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