Bounces off Me and Sticks to You

| April 25, 2011

It’s big bass fly time, and last year I got hooked on what I call, and I guess what’s commonly called, a “double bunny” fly. It’s a lot like a typical Clouser with a longer body – as long as eight inches sometimes.

It probably isn’t an original concept, but the more time I spend thinking about how these Bass”Masters” operate, huge plastic worms, among other things, well why not join them? Imagine flies that emulate decades proven successful plastics, but are still true to the fly tradition. No scents of course, and no rubbery pieces, parts or other conventional trickery. I am just working in the realm of the worm, but with much more animation, and the same great action you can get from plastics. It’s even possible to control your bunny action based on the weight of your eyes.

One huge adventure in the double bunny flies was finding an adhesive that would hold the two pieces together, not stiffen the leather ( cutting action), and not be so messy as to create glue covered rabbit fur – yuk! I had been around the world of adhesives, and had all the aforementioned problems, thought I found the cure with the Tandy Leather Company leather glue, and been disappointed by the Tandy’s long term holding power – there was none. The adventure continued, and finally I came upon the “Amazing” E-6000 at the checkout at the local Hobby Lobby. Two of the descriptors were “waterproof,” and “flexible” on the packaging, and that was enough for me to invest 3.99 for several years worth.

I will do some demonstrating of the bunny fly, and how to apply the E-6000, but until then, you would just want to put dabs of this stuff along the back side of the strips at the middle and end. There’s NO NEED to try and glue the whole thing together as it just increases the chance that it will get in the hair and cause more problems.

E-6000 is a product of Eclectic Products at

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  1. shannon says:

    this stuff also is ROCK SOLID for holding styro poppers to hooks for typical bass poppers. Of course, cover the hook shank with thread first.

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