Wednesday Night Roundup

| July 11, 2012

If your search for information originates here, then let me take you on a little ride around the internet, to some other sites and boards that may interest or inform you further on fly fishing in Texas. The criterion is simple, blatant pitch of manufacturers I like, smart information, stupid information, idiocy for the sake of idiocy … you get the picture.

Although things got off to a good start this year for Texas Fly Reports, that site like the entire internet, has dipped into information recession again. It is funny how internet activity tracks so closely to the economy, and the statistics behind the curtain bear that out.


I do like this post on Itinerant Angler – Trip To the LA Marsh because the fish are great, and he drops a beer recommendation at the end.

Locally, you can count on the boards at Texas Fishing Forum to hash, rehash and thrash the glories of certain products as long as they have feeling in their typing fingers – and that’s been a long time already!

If you like a little salt on your fly, 2CoolFishing is coming around, and traffic is really picking up on the fly fishing forum. And it’s not just salt either, as topics active right now include information on fly fishing near Taos.

And one of the all-time favorites Drake Boards, where you earn points for pointless profanity, hasn’t changed a bit, and never will. It’s reassuring in a way … see, that last word has ass in it.

If you are the kayaking type as I am, make sure to spend some effort to see what’s going on at the Texas Kayak Fisherman forum, or TKF forum if you like cool abbreviations. They, like so many other boards, also suffer from a lack of participation – like what you see on the DFW Chapter Forum. These are the days in which we live, I’m afraid.

I find Laguna Madre Fly Tiers to be an interesting site based on the NING platform, and wonder why more people don’t use NING to create smaller circles like the one Reynaldo Ramirez, from Brownsville, Texas, created to feed the fly tying fans at the tip of Texas.


If you are looking for hardcore inside information on the fly fishing industry, be sure to visit the American Fly Fishing Trade Association, and get the latest news on the industry. When you are wondering where people “get things first,” it is most often this site. You can be ahead in the retail world and know when new models will drive the price of something that’s in the store right down to your price range.

You also have to stop in at Tom Chandler’s “The Trout Underground,” just to see how good things can taste. He’s a left-coaster, and it helps me to know the left is still out there on the left, while we’re all here in the middle.

That’s the quick once around the world wide web for tonight. More information on Texas fly fishing comes out tomorrow with a post from Living Waters Fly Fishing, and their calendar which is loaded with activities and events. The next fly fishing information roundup will include a visit to all the fly fishing clubs I can find in Texas (on the internet), and the activities they have planned for their membership in the prime of our warm season.

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