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| May 29, 2015

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Just like the talkingweatherheads, the Texas Fly Fishing Report is sounding like a broken record – repeatrepeatrepeat. Last night it must have rained a few inches in a few hours, as our sandy soil at the top of a hill now refuses to drain. Chickens are feather deep in water this morning, and the whole place feels like a swamp.

Records have been broken and reset, but our fly fishing opportunities do exist for those strong of heart and determined in will.

As we look at our first clear weather weekend, many will certainly be champing at the bit to go somewhere and fly fish somehow. Well, I have something for you to consider …



If you have a kayak, you have an opportunity to do some challenging chasing of carp on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, right now. The information about this HOT SPOT is paid content reading —

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What you will need is:

  • A midday sun to give you the “chance” to see the glint of gold.
  • You’ll need a kayak.
  • You will need your typical flies, such as a coyote carp fly, or any fly you typically use on the flats (that should run hook up of course).
  • You will need the ability or the help to portage your kayak and gear over a low “obstacle” and walk about 35 yards to the water’s edge.
  • You will need heavy fluorocarbon leaders in the 10-15 range

What you are looking for is:

  • mud clouds signifying carp mudding in deeper than usual water
  • suspended carp that spend a lot of time in one place – eating and returning

What you will see is: Carp in the 30+ inch range cruising, mudding and EATING. Much of the presentation is a dead drop into these mud clouds. And it works! I hooked into one of the largest carp I have caught on Ray Roberts yesterday afternoon, and it was a ferocious fight that took me in circles, under the kayak and with the fish’s best efforts – toward a green 20-foot mesquite tree under ten feet of water. The tension was too much by the time I got him to the boat, and one last twitch from the inverted fish at the boat … and my eight pound leader popped.

And that is what you will be dealing with: the fish has every advantage in these conditions, so leader up and set the hook with confidence. They are there, and they are eating right now. You will also have shots at gar and bass as the sun goes down. If you have electronics, you can find schools of sand bass, all you want, deep into the coves behind the Ray Roberts Marina as well.

Kayak Strategies are all about where the fish are, and staying out of the wind, and launching at the Sanger Boat Ramp is our location of choice and necessity as of this FISH FLASH. Once you park (at the closed gate) and offload your kayak, get rigged at the water and launch, you will want to head right off to the northwest staying in close enough to the submerged trees and grass to see those mud clouds. The habitat I was in is on the introduction of this YouTube video( above). The ability to stand on your kayak, adds a huge amount of ability to spot and target these fish from a less disruptive distance. I guarantee you will see a lot more of these fish, and clouds if you can stand and pole or dip a single blade. Weave through the trees, but be aware of thorny bushes and trees, and dead-ends where there is no way through except to back out.

No doubt there are huge fish in the deeper waters just a few yards more offshore, but if you stay inside and weave through a few trees, you will find carp mudding and suspended between those trees and the tall grass waving near the shoreline.

Leave the inner cover, and you are subject to the winds and dapping on carp is virtually impossible. If you have to expose yourself to the wind, go ahead and anchor and wait for things to settle. Chances are these fish are still there and down, and if they’re not, they will come back around or cruisers will show up. Right now, the fish are tightly grouped (for the best feeding areas), and not the largest in numbers (just largest in size). If we add two or three days of sun, as predicted, those numbers will increase exponentially through the weekend and to midweek next week.

Every rain cools the water a bit, as does the overcast. These fish are ready and seeking warmer water, and they want to eat with reckless abandon. The conditions just have to align properly, as they are about to do for the first time this spring in North Texas.


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