Texas Fly Fishing Monday Morning Sidewalk Roundup

| January 23, 2017

Good morning and welcome. We have another winter weather week this week, but with a silver lining of sorts. I ran a FISH FLASH that goes over the details of what we might expect if conditions on my local lake – Ray Roberts – continue through the week. This SPOT could be extremely HOT by tomorrow morning. You can bet I am going to find out for you!

Last week was interesting to say the least for the world, for all of us! It seems like we have a whole new world of concerns now, and for those of you who voted for the winner of the presidential elections – congratulations. Now let us all just see what this means for the habitat we love, cherish and love to fish with. One thing about getting older, it’s a bigger, harder step up to the soap box now, and anyway … I have done a fair job of keeping the political writing here to an “observational” plane over the years.

We journeyed to the razor’s edge last week, and broadcast live from the Fly Shop last Thursday night – to an audience of one. At least theoretically there was one watching. The Google-YouTube interface could well have counted ME as a viewer, meaning essentially no one watched. Can anyone blame them? Hardly.

The nice thing is that the discussion on “Water Columns for Bass on Fly” does get recorded for the public’s viewing pleasure at their own pace. I would consider it a “beginner’s” informational video on finding bass, and flies that hit the different water levels you find bass roaming. I certainly appreciate those of you who take the time to watch, comment, subscribe to and enjoy the YouTube channel. When I started this quest ten years ago, I never dreamed the technological changes along the way would include the focus shift to video to such a high degree. It has been, and continues to be a challenging and creative journey, one getting crowded with imitators, but still the first and still original (I HOPE!).

I was so challenged by the failure of the live broadcast, both technical and viewership, that I can’t help but put my feet back to the fire this Thursday night with another shot at a LIVE BROADCAST. I am not sure what the topic will be, but it will be live starting just before 9:30-pm CST. I usually have to start by getting all the technology working, which is worth the price of admission alone (a joke).

Have a great Monday. I have to get back to work, but will be back here tomorrow with our featured artist Tuesday, and another Water Wednesday. YouTube makes it so difficult to find a link to the future broadcast, that I will have to spend serious time just trying to find that link. If/When I do, look for it on the Texas Fly Caster Twitter Feed.

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