Welcome To The Bleeding Edge – Live Fly Video Hardly Ready For Primetime

| January 19, 2017

Well, that was FUBAR. It won’t be long before everyone gets on this bandwagon – YouTube Live broadcasting, but for now it is still rocket science to me (and the majority of unwashed I presume). I will complain to the software makers (who I paid good money), and see if it makes any difference.

There’s a lot of dead time in this video, but here it is. I trust it will start at the ten minute mark, and you are welcome to look backward to the warmup for some real boredom. This video is about all the different water columns and flies in those columns – for catching largemouth bass on fly.

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  1. Kevin Cunningham says:

    watched the video, shannon. Not bad and the beer looked good. Thanks for educating some of us who are teaching ourselves and learning from videos like yours

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