| January 19, 2017


We, by we I mean me, myself and I, will be headed back to the bleeding edge of a live broadcast tonight via the YouTube Channel for Texas Fly Caster. Of course, YouTube still does not make it easy. I could not even find a button for a clear link to the upcoming broadcast, but I am guessing this is it: .

I will be talking about catching bass in different water columns. The focus is on flies for each water column – in general. It’s hard to know exactly what course we will chart tonight, but I hope to run about 30 minutes, I am also hopeful for AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION and will cut it off if the technology does not work properly (always a possibility). I really do not know much more than what is stated here as of this writing. OF course questions from viewers will make it more interesting!

NOTE – I started live broadcasting about four or five years ago, and there are a lot of variables. Software has to “push” the broadcast to YouTube, which then pushes it out to you. (It really wasn’t ready for primetime at that time) Connections five years ago were much slower than they are now. So that is improved. IF I can get this thing up and running, and it works well, there will be a lot more live broadcasting in the future. And there’s the potential for a regular broadcast.

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