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Texas Fly Fishing Report 030918 – Spring Has Sprung as Dams Draw Down

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The Texas Fly Fishing Report is back from the winter break, rightfully so and ready to go! We have plenty of fishing, fly fishing action, to report today. The report’s home base is in North Texas, so in such a large state conditions will vary wildly.

What we are experiencing in this part of Texas is a fantastic pattern for fly fishers that starts below a lot of the lake dams. Numerous lakes are beyond conservation pool as this report goes out, and authorities are releasing water to bring those lake levels down. I have documented those releases, and the fish caught during those releases, over several years (beginning in 2010).

This phenomenon never happened during the drought years (about 4 years) as you may recall, and I expected us to continue along the downward drought spiral going into the Texas fishing season in 2018. But we have had surprisingly good slow rains that have saturated the ground, pushed back the drought map (away from North Texas), filled the lakes and now come the lake releases in advance of the real rain during the “rainy months.”

Right now, the fly fishing is absolutely fantastic on these releases – for the most part. All we have to do is find a releases, like the one at Ray Roberts Dam, and go throw a few good tight loops. Sure, these places (especially the Ray Roberts Dam) are overrun with conventional fishermen who finally found their pot of gold, and you will see them there day-after-day, in the same spot, slaughtering fish day-after-day. And they leave behind a mountain of trash and submerged lines in the water to tangle and lose flies on, but if you can handle the crowds and the carnage? Well, like you see in the video; these releases can be one big box of chocolates. The big bass are coming in, the sand bass are up and full-on running, and if you sprinkle in some hybrid action … what’s so hard about that?


You will want a 7 or 8 weight rod to be able to fight these fish in huge current, and be able to turn them toward you.

I like a reel I can count on – with good drag and a big enough spool to manage line to ALWAYS go to reel. Going to the reel is very important in these situations, and that is because line gets caught on everything in riprap fly fishing – rocks, fences, bushes and everything else we find in these dirty situations.

I am using a fluorocarbon leader with either an 8 or 10 pound tip – remember you can control depth by what your tip is – bigger is shallower.

Year after year, the red over white Clouser catches these fish. But your hook needs to be something extreme, like a Tiemco 600SP, or a circle hook, which I have gone to to allow fish to hook themselves on a slack drift. The circle hooks are great, and do exactly what they are designed to do – and cost a fraction of what super-sharp normal hooks cost.

Where I am fishing, the fish are in very tight bunches, so you will have to search and fan cast until you find them. Once you find them, don’t go looking elsewhere – keep going back to the spot you found. The spot you see in the video, for example, was about 10 feet across!


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We, by we I mean me, myself and I, will be headed back to the bleeding edge of a live broadcast tonight via the YouTube Channel for Texas Fly Caster. Of course, YouTube still does not make it easy. I could not even find a button for a clear link to the upcoming broadcast, but I am guessing this is it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6btnCCbPF4 .

I will be talking about catching bass in different water columns. The focus is on flies for each water column – in general. It’s hard to know exactly what course we will chart tonight, but I hope to run about 30 minutes, I am also hopeful for AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION and will cut it off if the technology does not work properly (always a possibility). I really do not know much more than what is stated here as of this writing. OF course questions from viewers will make it more interesting!

NOTE – I started live broadcasting about four or five years ago, and there are a lot of variables. Software has to “push” the broadcast to YouTube, which then pushes it out to you. (It really wasn’t ready for primetime at that time) Connections five years ago were much slower than they are now. So that is improved. IF I can get this thing up and running, and it works well, there will be a lot more live broadcasting in the future. And there’s the potential for a regular broadcast.

Monday Afternoon – Did You Read Friday’s Killer Story on Carp?

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Good afternoon and welcome to the sidewalk! I intentionally let the controversial story, my opinion piece on bow killing carp, to linger awhile this morning so that the bulge of readers that show up Monday would have a chance to read it before it slips from consciousness – and down the page. Monday is the most popular read day at Texas Fly Caster. Enough of the backcast … let her fly.


There’s a serious amount of change going on on the water around here. The drop on Lake Ray Roberts has put the carp into a tailspin, and conditions have brought out the huge schools of sand bass to play on the lake. Fish who don’t run as shallow, specifically buffalo, are all over the flats flaunting their ability to ignore flies of any flavor. How frustrating they are!

Largemouth bass are everywhere to be found, and schools of schoolies are becoming common place on points and roving around in coves. It doesn’t take long to distinguish sand bass breaking topwater from schools of bass doing the same thing – it just looks different. Maybe this has been commonplace in the past on Ray Roberts, and maybe being on a boat has allowed me to finally witness it, but this is the first time I’ve seen it on this lake, and it’s becoming commonplace.

This sand bass action is early and late, and the birds have not yet tuned into the surface action, so looking for birds is not the sign of fish – yet. The schools of small sand bass greatly outnumber the large sand bass — in school sizes and numbers in the schools. That said, I did find a school of “trophy” size sand bass Saturday evening, and we followed them for about a half-mile.

If you are a fishing dad /mom, and looking to get a son or daughter into fishing, or even better, fly fishing, I am going to do some sundowners that run from 5-pm to darkish for a very special rate – conventional or fly, starting this week. We will be specifically targeting these sand bass. Call me at 9four0-3eight0-0four0eight for details today!

If you were thinking about booking a carp trip, please take another look at the “GUIDE” page to check calendar dates. The available dates have changed considerably.

Thanks for reading! Have a great week, but remember to check back here during the week for new content, videos and information on fly fishing in Texas.


If you just want to go chase sand bass whack-a-mole style, your point of contact is [ppw id=”136094811″ description=”Local Sand Bass HOTSPOT” price=”.10″]at the Ray Roberts Dam. The action there has been turning on about 6-pm, and just keeps cranking from there. It would be a long haul via kayak, but with a creative launch point (just ask me), you can get to them. They are biting on tiny shiners by the thousands, and any fly that is bright, and / white with a touch of red is absolutely guaranteed. Use a jig hooked Clouser and you’re in the money. Be prepared to get spiked by their fins unless you are prepared. These fish are at max energy output right now, and catching two-at-a-time is no problem! I am looking for someone who knows how / when to dispatch these fish to eliminate the red streak in the meat. Anybody?[/ppw]

Monday Morning “Make the World Go Away”

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big bass friday mandy at Lake Ray Roberts

That was a heck of a musical lyric, wasn’t it? Written by Eddie Cochran, “Make the World Go Away” was a classic:

Make the world go away
And get it off my shoulder
Say the things you used to say
And make the world go away.

My version? Make the Weather go away of course.

I hope you all had a great weekend, a great Mother’s Day weekend, and didn’t have to wait in line too long at your local restaurant in order to treat your special moms. The lines were long, and the parking places few.

largemouth bass lake ray roberts on fly
Largemouth bass – part of the new photography project that you’ll get to watch progress here at Texas Fly Caster.

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Party On The Fly

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#flyfishing north texas fly fishingPARTY NUMBER ONE – Make sure you hit the Tailwaters party in Dallas, Texas, today! If you are anywhere close, and call yourself a fly fisher, why would you miss this annual Birthday Bash? They always have great deals, great food, and the companionship of other fly fishers who … tell a lot of fish stories actually.

ray roberts largemouth bass on fly rod
A spectacular specimen of a largemouth bass caught on fly on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, Friday.

PARTY NUMBER TWO – I took a short wade Friday afternoon in a couple of popular spots, and all I could manage were some respectable largemouth bass. My only goal was to actually get started down the road toward some new fish art, and thanks to the cooperative fish, I’m off to a good start. I also had the help of one of the MMM’s, Mandy, who delivered a beautiful crappie to my waterside photo booth.

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