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Do You Have Great Bass Flies?

In the downtime before the crazy springtime, I was able to build myself the my ultimate bass fly box. You would obviously ask me; why did you build a fly box when there are so many good ones on the market? And I would answer your question: Have you seen the price of big ass fly boxes lately?

Besides, I wanted a REAL big ass fly box, one with room for the flies to breathe and not be smashed inside. And I knew I had a box sitting around that is one of those see-through plastic boxes the size of a small carryon suitcase. And I probably bought it when it was half the price it is now.

You may be asking; does this guy even tie bass flies, or where are his bass flies coming from. The truth of the matter is, I wrote an article about the flies and water columns a fly fisher needs to cover when chasing bass. The flies I TIE, WHEN I TIE FOR BASS, are mostly middle and lower column bass flies. Why? Because they are easiest to tie, and I don’t have many occasions to fish bass on top water flies. If they are hitting top water flies, by that time, I am already off chasing abundant carp by sight.

Top Water Bass Flies

The BASS BOX is so big … how big is it? It is so big, there is room for me to actually buy and PROMOTE other very good fly tiers bass flies – local fly tiers, like Dirty Water Fly Co., Danny Scarborough’s flies at Fly in Hand and the beautiful flies by Lee Blanton at Feather and Fly. And that is how I will be putting the Ultimate Bass Fly Box together this year! Away go all the little and medium boxes, and in comes the carry-on big assortment of bass flies. I have my favorites covered and represented, and will be filling those in and waiting PATIENTLY for my flies from Dirty Water and Lee Blanton.

Follow Up

In the next weeks, I will follow up as these flies arrive, or in Scarborough’s case, are ADDED TO the box. At some point, I will backtrack and show you the box at FULL SPEED. Meanwhile, what other flies and fly tiers should I be looking for? My “simple stuff” is simple enough – Wakanda Clousers, red/white Clousers and some killer rattle eyed Clousers are already on deck here.


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