Beginner’s Guide to Prospecting for Bass on Fly – Which Fly for Which Water Column?

| February 28, 2015

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It’s all been said and written before. All the flies have been tied, just like every photograph has been done. However, if you want to learn more about which flies (in general) hit which water columns – when prospecting for largemouth bass on fly this spring – then maybe take a few minutes to watch this video.

There just happens to be a lot of time around here to tie flies, and if you are new to fly fishing, maybe you have thought about dabbling in fly tying as the NEXT STEP in your fly fishing adventure. Well, I hope this video nudges you into the fly tying arena. It is certainly a part of the fly fishing experience that calls on a set of abilities that not everyone has, but abilities that I believe everyone can work to attain and sharpen. Some of us have more manual dexterity, and some of us have less. Some of us are more artistic, and some less. There are a whole lot of flies, especially when it comes to largemouth bass flies, that are 1) big, and, 2) don’t require any artistic ability! In fact, the vast majority of bass flies I tie, are devoid of any creative juices … and I tie them big – bigger than most folks do.

There’s nothing like a little snow storm for some fly tying introspection, and that could continue as the days of frozen roads stretch on. Make sure you check out the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel for new videos (subscribe), and feel free to browse back into the video archives for actual fly tying videos if you like.

Thanks, and be careful if you are sliding around North Texas right now!


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