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Monday Morning Put Out The Lights

| October 31, 2016 | 0 Comments

Welcome to the Monday Morning Sidewalk at the Texas fly fisher’s number one source for current information on fly fishing in Texas! I hope you had a fun, safe weekend, and arrived without delays (yeah, right) to wherever you find yourself this morning. Today closes the hottest October on record for North Texas, which should be no surprise. It’s the new normal, and now the stress on water supplies begins to rise in awareness again. Famine follows our feast. (Warning: Many more cliche’s follow)

I sincerely love the reaction when I say, “Put out the lights. The party’s over,” to another carp season. It means a bunch of readers take it upon themselves to prove, “It ain’t over, until it’s over,” and they get out and stick more carp, reeling them like frozen logs, posting it on forums and starting threads about  “Carp in Snow,” and other nonsensical one-upmanships . Sure, anything can happen, and anything can be done when it comes to carp, anytime anywhere. My little secret is, part of saying “Put out the lights,” is the reaction is exactly what I want and expect – been there, done that.

So officially: Put out the lights, the party’s over. I am sure I could take myself out on the skiff, and stick a carp today, but why? It’s like the difference between finishing on a cast, or finishing on a catch. Sometimes it’s a cast.

I took a guest out Sunday, and although we saw and blew some carp out yesterday, very few … it was more like sleepwalking through the Ray Roberts flats, than being on a hot summer stalk when the fish are climbing down your leader to get to the fly. Conditions were nothing but favorable, with winds about 8-10 out of the south, and temperatures pushing 80, but none of it was enough for an old time revival. The tent was down, and the poles laid straight.


Waldron Vise at Fly Bar

Lawrence Waldron vise manned by Zach at the Fly Bar Sunday afternoon.

But before we headed for the border, we had a brief fly tie at the Fly Bar yesterday afternoon. It was Kevin and Zach bellying up to the bar to tie a few on, a few flies on that is. Kevin was breaking in his new Regal Rotary Vise, and Zach had his Lawrence Waldron … yes, that Lawrence Wadron vise. Close-up experience with other brands of vises is pretty valuable in knowing what I’m talking about when it comes to vise recommendations for complete strangers with wide ranging levels of interest and skills. Of course I’ll probably never see another Waldron in person, but with the power of CNC machining and CAD design? Someone somewhere (maybe in the basement) is already working on a more evolved, more perfect version of the Waldron. Coming across a Waldron reminded me of that last elite encounter, seeing a $230-thousand dollar Mercedes in in the flesh, in the parking lot of the Federal Reserve a couple of weeks ago – two more unicorns in my journey. Aging allows, even encourages me, to more gracefully add these two things to the growing list of things I will never own. It was certainly interesting to have three different vises, the Dyna-King Barracuda Deluxe (mine), the Regal and the Waldron all turning in one place, fur and feathers flying. It’s about time to host another fly tie to offset the effects of carp withdrawal.

Regal Vise Fly Bar

New fly tier, new Regal vise manned by Kevin at the Fly Bar Sunday afternoon.

This will be an interesting week. It’s time to again go west, to San Angelo, and see if I can EVER catch a fish there. So far, I have come up as dry as the landscape on my limited searches in that part of West Texas. Honestly, my art family there gets a whole lot more attention these days, but I can always sneak out for a fix. Reading the book, “Empire of the Summer Moon … ,” by S.C. Gwynn, gave me a deeper appreciation for the San Angelo area’s historic value, and I would love to dig deeper into that as well.Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History

Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic week, and get  out there and prove me wrong carp killers!

The Fly Bar is Now Closed – Not the Last Call – More to Come

| July 19, 2009 | 6 Comments


It’s almost two in the morning, and I can’t stop for a second. Wilco – Kill Your Television is playing, and I am looking out from the Fly Bar. Everyone is gone, and there’s a lot of leftover food and refreshments. So, the first, inaugural Fly Bar party was a stark raving success.

Whilst others are fishing, dreaming of fishing, or tired of fishing, I have plans first hatched across the bar … Rockport, Utah, another cleanup drink whatever is left over this week … bar tending at the Fly Bar is a good gig.

Although there was a dearth of fly guys at the bar, the stage has been set for more gatherings at the Fly Bar, as reported to me “this will be so great when it gets cooler”. Heck, I say slather on the deet and let’s get going now!

The missing in action have their reasons, whether it’s an axe to grind, or previous obligations. All I know is they missed out. However, there will be more opportunities. I haven’t even finished the bar yet — there’s still the wall, the roof and the video and stereo to go in before we can truly corrupt visitors with good clean fish porn.

So, with no further ado, here are some of tonight’s party pix, sans captions in the interest of sleep. I will do a second installment tomorrow when the connection is a little faster.









Tin Roof – Rusted

| July 15, 2009 | 1 Comment

The Fly Bar Topless
Thursday morning at the Fly Bar, and only 90-degrees at 9-am.

Yes, we are still looking far and wide for used corrugated tin to form the roof of the Fly Bar, our outdoor oasis and fly fisher’s entertainment venue.

Today was a productive day though, with LK laying out the bar top with a maze of tiles, customized pottery pieces, rocks and fishing spoons. As I was preparing the Tony Acetta spoons for their final resting place, a couple of things came to mind; First, Tony Acetta had some great spoons that were hard to find. Second, my 5’s and 5H’s had my initials carved in them just to keep my uncle from claiming them as his own. Casting a Tony Acetta was like … hitting a Titleist Balata ball. It just felt good.

Fly Bar Top
Tony Acetta and Johnson Sprite spoons are only a small part of the detailed bar top.

Now they are part of the Fly Bar bar top. There they will rest just like a Titleist on the bottom of your favorite water hazard.

Saturday night is the Fly Bar opening party, and if you are a registered user on this site, or a lurker who is interested in how the other half lives, feel free to ask for details. Currently, the house beer for the foreseeable future is Session, and sampling of the killer B’s will be the feature for Saturday – Boulevard and Breckenridge Brewery beers, in varieties locally available, will be served. Plans are in the works for grilled pizzas as well.

Fly Bar Top front and center
LK knows how to create a puzzle, and solve it.

Belly Up to the Bar

This corner is reserved for …?

The Fly Bar & Earl the Rooster – Tying Flies & Quicksand

| June 30, 2009 | 1 Comment

The Fly Bar has its base
The Fly Bar. We had the floor down days ago, but work got in the way of documenting the progress.

Just a small progress report:
1 – The Fly Bar is taking shape. We found a graphic plexi backed Coke “Original Coke” sign today at a regular junk stop.
2 – Earl who used to be Pearl, will be finding a new home on a farm in Montague County tomorrow. Sorry to see you go Earl, but darn those feathers look good! Someone conned LK into believing Earl was Pearl, but I have been chased and pecked since then — along with several others. What a great bird though – completely tame and a character … but just wait – they all grow up.
3 – Finished the story on Texoma – Denison Dam, and had a great conversation this morning while doing the interview with the TPWD biologist up there – Bruce Hysmith. He has me pumped on adventuring further downriver to places seldom seen.
4 – Carp should be rocking good by Thursday and crazy by Friday.
5 – Tying some interesting flies today – bunny oriented – slow and maxi-motion. That 6.5 pound striper has me thinking …
6 – Looking for any kind of beer / bar freebies to decorate the Fly Bar and thinking about hitting up Session for a contribution.
7 – JH said something about quicksand on the Red River … hmm, wish I could find a sidekick tomorrow.

Earl owns the front yard right now.
Earl who was Pearl, will be relocated to a farm in Montague County tomorrow. Adios Earl.

Tame roo - you bet.
Yes, Earl is a rooster, and yes, Earl has quite the personality.

The Fly Bar Takes Shape

| June 23, 2009 | 2 Comments

The Grand Plans for the FLY BAR
The Grand Plans – THE FLY BAR.

Readers may have had an inkling of what was going on right in my back yard, but in case you’ve been asleep (as it seems everyone is these days), here are some images from a work long awaited and now in progress. We call it the Fly Bar, and you can expect reports directly from this location as the beer does flow and the the flies do get tied.

In our neighborhood, where our house is similar to many around us, the lots are big and the emphasis for us at least, is being outside more than indoors. Beyond the Fly Bar is the chicken coup ( d’ Ville), and if you should make it to these parts for the grand opening next month, you will be treated to imbibations as well as lengthy discussions on all that is fly. After all, it is the FLY BAR!

A grand announcement will go out, and the opening should with all clarity, last about a week … or more. If there’s no roof, so what? The temperature may be over 100, but until I find the exact roof for the bar, there will be no roof! Anybody have a line on used corrugated tin – barn style?

The Fly Bar in a pile of wood


Setting the foundations for fun

The Fly Bar Takes a New Shape

End of day 1.5 The Fly Bar