Tin Roof – Rusted

| July 15, 2009

The Fly Bar Topless
Thursday morning at the Fly Bar, and only 90-degrees at 9-am.

Yes, we are still looking far and wide for used corrugated tin to form the roof of the Fly Bar, our outdoor oasis and fly fisher’s entertainment venue.

Today was a productive day though, with LK laying out the bar top with a maze of tiles, customized pottery pieces, rocks and fishing spoons. As I was preparing the Tony Acetta spoons for their final resting place, a couple of things came to mind; First, Tony Acetta had some great spoons that were hard to find. Second, my 5’s and 5H’s had my initials carved in them just to keep my uncle from claiming them as his own. Casting a Tony Acetta was like … hitting a Titleist Balata ball. It just felt good.

Fly Bar Top
Tony Acetta and Johnson Sprite spoons are only a small part of the detailed bar top.

Now they are part of the Fly Bar bar top. There they will rest just like a Titleist on the bottom of your favorite water hazard.

Saturday night is the Fly Bar opening party, and if you are a registered user on this site, or a lurker who is interested in how the other half lives, feel free to ask for details. Currently, the house beer for the foreseeable future is Session, and sampling of the killer B’s will be the feature for Saturday – Boulevard and Breckenridge Brewery beers, in varieties locally available, will be served. Plans are in the works for grilled pizzas as well.

Fly Bar Top front and center
LK knows how to create a puzzle, and solve it.

Belly Up to the Bar

This corner is reserved for …?

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