The Fly Bar & Earl the Rooster – Tying Flies & Quicksand

| June 30, 2009

The Fly Bar has its base
The Fly Bar. We had the floor down days ago, but work got in the way of documenting the progress.

Just a small progress report:
1 – The Fly Bar is taking shape. We found a graphic plexi backed Coke “Original Coke” sign today at a regular junk stop.
2 – Earl who used to be Pearl, will be finding a new home on a farm in Montague County tomorrow. Sorry to see you go Earl, but darn those feathers look good! Someone conned LK into believing Earl was Pearl, but I have been chased and pecked since then — along with several others. What a great bird though – completely tame and a character … but just wait – they all grow up.
3 – Finished the story on Texoma – Denison Dam, and had a great conversation this morning while doing the interview with the TPWD biologist up there – Bruce Hysmith. He has me pumped on adventuring further downriver to places seldom seen.
4 – Carp should be rocking good by Thursday and crazy by Friday.
5 – Tying some interesting flies today – bunny oriented – slow and maxi-motion. That 6.5 pound striper has me thinking …
6 – Looking for any kind of beer / bar freebies to decorate the Fly Bar and thinking about hitting up Session for a contribution.
7 – JH said something about quicksand on the Red River … hmm, wish I could find a sidekick tomorrow.

Earl owns the front yard right now.
Earl who was Pearl, will be relocated to a farm in Montague County tomorrow. Adios Earl.

Tame roo - you bet.
Yes, Earl is a rooster, and yes, Earl has quite the personality.

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  1. Purple Hays says:

    Carp fishing WAS awesome yesterday. Caught over a dozen at “C” with a drum throw in as well!

    Bye Earl!

    Nice flooring job!

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