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Part Two – A River With No Name & No Fish

In PART ONE, I finished with talking about my influence on the fly community that I know – Texas and most specifically North Central Texas. While I WISH I were an “influencer” of fly fishers, and could get them to show up anywhere just by saying “This is a HOT SPOT,” my truth is it just doesn’t work that way. In Part One, remember, fly fishing is a rowdy out of control, whopping 1-percent of the fishing business overall? If I influence 1-percent of one-percent, which sounds about right today, I am pretty sure that does not even add up to one person, maybe an arm maybe a leg.


So what I have chosen to do is SHOW AND TELL helpful things about fly fishing, and that includes places my friends, readers, and some clients can go to catch fish on fly – either on their own, or with a professional guide, that I highlight in the SHOW or the TELL. Over time? Beyond my comprehension, the SHOW has actually become more viable than the TELL. I believe that is because readers are simply tired of reading, when they can watch. Hence YouTube – the second greatest search engine in the world. If you only knew how much more difficult and time consuming the SHOW is? You would justifiably call me LOCO. Once again, I am what I am, and you’re probably not far off.

I enjoy the technical visual challenges of doing informative videos BECAUSE my life career as a photographer gets a huge charge from the new technology and advances in video. And if I am recording a guide’s spots or a spot I know of? I am going to do the best I can to put you in that place – even if you never go. And if you do decide to go, I always put the guide’s information where it’s easy to reference. What more can I do? There’s the beef.

CALL IT WHAT IT IS – The Big Reveal – UnBoxing …

This brings us to a small piece of a “river with no name and no fish,” also known as the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas. The Paluxy is an interesting place. It has more dynamics to it that place it high on the list of secret places in Central Texas. I fly fished the Paluxy with a friend who has vast fly fishing knowledge and experience on the Paluxy last Sunday – probably more than anyone still fly fishing around these parts. THERE WAS NO ONE else there fly fishing, and we didn’t see anyone fishing the stretch we were on. Imagine that.

texas sunfish paluxy river glen rose

So there it is, the Paluxy River – without the coy. Maybe we can play a game of Rock ’em Sock ’em to see if I will survive your scorn, and not speak of it anymore because – you knocked my block off – about the river that has no name and no fish. I can tell you for sure, the stretch we did Sunday? It is nothing like it used to be a few years ago. So feel free to bank that in your memory. I can also tell you; I’m not done with the Paluxy River. Of course I could always speak of this in my own super-code … “The Straw River” still has a ring to it. Let me know if YOU GO! Reach out to a working guide there if you want the most current eyes on – Upstream on the Fly – may be able to find you a shady spot with spectacular looking fish. And if YOU guide this area of Texas? What’s going on? – Just hit “reply” and let the rock-em-sock-em begin!

I bet YOU never saw this – – – Here are some past articles and videos about the PALUXY RIVER:

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