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| May 6, 2013

Wow. I am glad to only be working my little fingers on this little, failing keyboard. I’ve worn a hole through the spacebar, and the “c” may work, but mostly I have to pound on it now. I think the “y” is about to go too. I’ve had just about enough of this computer stuff for the last ten days. Moving into a new studio / office location after ten years in the same location has been a nose-full-of-dust affair, and the computer towers sit in one place while all the wires are piled in another.

My work continues behind the scenes on the new Texas Council of International Federation of Fly Fishers website, and while there was some early trepidation related to design and function … the site seems to be finding roots in that community. This is my first rodeo when it comes to working with the “man,” the “establishment,” or whatever you want to call it, and I am taking a lot away from this experience. Heck, I even ordered the IFFF DVD on their casting certification – just to see what that’s all about. Believe me, I would never have jumped on this train if it didn’t portend change of the organization – through-and-through. The kind of change promised is the kind we dream of.


Going, going gone? Who really knows what the future holds for Scientific Anglers and Ross, both mainstays in the fly nation and both purchased by Orvis last week. I am looking to get what will probably be the last of my “pro deals” on SA fly lines. I was talking to Sean Polk a few days back about the fly line they are liking (and fly line preferences on the front like fly fishers can change with every shipment), and he said they are really liking the Professional Custom Taper- Bruce Chard Grand Slam. “It’s our favorite and customers seem to like it as well. It can make a crappy rod a decent rod and make an average caster gain distance and turn over,” he said. If you like this kind of information, follow me @texasflycaster, and I will update the going and the gone as soon as it’s known.


If you somehow are missing the meteoric rise of the photography career of Dallas’ Matt Jones, look no further than your local newsstand. He has a lovely image of a tarpon double-trucked across the pages of the latest Southwest Fly Fishing magazine, and I hear he’s all over both American continents. I am guessing he’s lost the time he used to have for his line of clothing, Twintail, so we’re going to do a little sweep of the Fly Shop and remove Matt’s designs for now. Matt was also recently engaged, so his world is changing. It’s fun to watch. It’s fun to say “meteoric rise” too, but it has been a lot of hard work over time, as it was for this photographer, to suddenly look “meteoric.” Of course my meteor came by and passed awhile back … I’m just waiting to see how big it’s orbit really is – getting closer again I think.


This weather is killing huge portions of the weeks that would normally be productive fly fishing days in North Texas. We have a pattern that is setting record lows and if it’s not cold, the wind makes it too cool. All in all, the weather is against us here, and that’s why I am glad to be getting called to fish on the Gulf Coast, and fly tying production is in full swing to supply myself and my fellow fly fishers on upcoming outings. It’s kind of like the Tom Petty line “Let Me Up! I’ve had enough!” I have had enough trying to plan around the North Texas weather, and am looking to salt for my weather wounds.


In the immediate future, if the weather is absolutely perfect, I will be fishing the tournament at Lake Fork next Saturday. You may recall the last time I fished that tournament, I got lucky and rented a room the night a fantastic storm hit Fork with rain and a thunder and lighting show that ranks in the top three ever for me. Then I went fishing for no good reason and only hooked, and didn’t land, one fish. Not my idea of fun.

It’s hard to forecast what stories will make it to the front page this week, and I am betting with the quick heat-up that the fish are going to do their final turn-on and this time spring and the fish will stick around. Okay, I am not really “betting.” Stay tuned …

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