Monday Fly Fishing Report and Last Gift Ideas

| December 22, 2014

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Hello, and welcome to a Christmas edition of the Monday Morning Fly Fishing Report. It’s already afternoon of course, and that’s because I was kept a little busy this morning getting our kitschy tree and ornaments down from the attic. No disrespect to Christmas or anything like that, it’s just that most of the recent Christmases have been more along the lines of Charlie Brown than BMW commercials in my world.

Enjoy the video. There are a few stories coming out before Thursday, and some of them could be timely when it comes to taking little ones fishing for those TPWD stocker trout, and more gift ideas, or even a trip to the Blue River in Oklahoma. You never know, especially when a holiday plants its flag right in the middle of our week.

Just to clarify the video a little, I will be in Houston after Christmas, and probably spending more time going after sand bass inland than reds out in the marshes. It all depends on what’s ON and who can go with.

Thanks for reading and watching. Videos will be undergoing some changes (the canned ones) next year, and there are going to be two more viewing options beginning soon – VIMEO and if I can figure a way and get accepted – an iTunes Podcast version as well. The hoops to jump through are many when it comes to iTunes.

Have a fantastic week, and be safe in your travels. Enjoy that cheap gas as you go too!

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