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| May 9, 2014

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#flyfishing north texas fly fishingWe have a lot of incoming information (from fly fishing readers) about where the fish are, maybe a month later than normal, but looking very much like a mid April spring here in North Texas! In the history of the Texas Fly Caster website, there’s never been more participation than we have right now. That’s exciting news.

When you endure a longer than normal winter, a drought that continues, and all the other slings and arrows, it really is comforting to see photos of carp, bass and happy fly fishers taking advantage of all the opportunities that are finally presenting themselves.

Of course, seeing all those images of huge trout, from Joyce Davis in Michigan, provides another perspective on our addiction – it’s always on somewhere.

In a few hours I’ll be seeing what a random sampling of a particular location on Ray Roberts will produce in the way of carp. Thursday’s rain and stormy weather should have stirred up a lot of good feed, and I hope none of the feeders were scared off. We’ll see.

Keep your eyes on the Instagram feed, and I will definitely be trying some new ways of putting video up from the field – back out on the bleeding edge of technology again!


As I have been doing these speaking engagements, I pick up little tidbits here and there from those of you who attend my jawing sessions. For example, I mentioned how I was hearing more about RED as a fly tying color that attracts carp. Now, fly tying is a lot like photography; it’s all been done before. There are no new photographs, and there really are no new flies. I certainly didn’t invent the color RED in fly tying for carp, but I am telling you there’s something to it. I am also beginning to think more about different colors for carp (and buffalo) during different times of day. I clearly recall Jerry Hamon talking about this at the Red River Fly Fishers meeting I attended, and how different colors are working well for him – for carp and buffalo. Now, when it comes to buffalo, you had me at buff. Anything I can do to increase their response is worth me taking notes.

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