Friday on the Rio Concho San Angelo Texas

| November 2, 2018


Good Friday to Texas flyfishers everywhere! We have sunshine! That should be enough to encourage you to GET OUT and GO somewhere this weekend. If you are inland, or way inland in my case, the Texas Gulf Coast can be a journey, literally, from wherever you are. For me? I am even further inland this weekend – in San Angelo, Texas.

Fort Concho 

This is a city-town sized village on the outskirts of the old “badlands” where rescue – from marauding Native Americans in the 1800’s – probably wouldn’t get here in time … Later, Fort Concho was built to protect the western edge of Manifest Destiny, and was also station for the Buffalo Soldiers. San Angelo just feels western. The name Rio Concho is your first indicator; John Wayne is just around the corner.

It’s a completely different cadence out here. The people have little interest in technological intrusion, strong and diverse opinions, time to talk and time to listen. Conversational interruptions are rare, everyone gets to finish their sentences, even if they turn apocalyptic on occasion.


We passed over a few rivers on the way here yesterday, and they’re down but still brown. And they’re still moving. The Brazos, the Colorado … the western cuts are where these rivers’ romance begins.

Water is not only our great magnet. Out here, water drew buffalo, then cattle, sheep and left “civilization” behind – once they were gone. Water encourages root growth, and there are some deep rooted locals in these parts.


I have fly fished the Concho River at least three times before today, and stood at the edge of the “Lake That Burned,” aka. OC Fisher and Nasworthy with never even getting a bite – not a single bite! So today is the day. Mild weather and temperatures in the 70’s provide no excuses, new water is in the Lake that Burned. It never gets old, The Search and the Find.


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