Monday Morning Sidewalk

| October 29, 2018

Good Monday Morning, and yes it IS Good. Barely a dozen hours ago I was floating around the park picnic tables and barbecue pits on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas. A great flood is one way to scour the pits and clean the undersides of all those aluminum picnic tables. It’s still a strange scene. And NO there are not hordes of fish hiding under the tables waiting for your fly to cruise by. It just isn’t so.


I am glad to announce a new snippet intended to inspire us to get through our weeks – no matter how good life already is, there’s always room for even more positive thoughts and actions between our (fly fishing) adventures.

“Never Get So Busy Making A Living That You Forget To Make A Life.”- Anonymous

Amen to that one! Some of us work in reverse it seems … Fresh old quotes will open our Mondays in the future.

So I did get on the water Sunday, along with a bunch of crazies who had little sense of boat ramp etiquette. I survived the spectacle, and pulled away from Isle Du Bois as fast as I could. It can be difficult to keep the perspective that – most of those people hardly ever get their boats out on the water. Bless their hearts.

Sunday was day two of a major warmup with Monday being more of the same. Unfortunately, it did not inspire the fish to bite. I looked long and hard for carp just for the fun of it, and there were a few but they have a HUGE ADVANTAGE in the new habitat — they can swim in and under it completely unseen. They are essentially ghosts.

The bass are fronting the new habitat on open water islands and points that have been submerged – in ambush mode. Still they were few and far in between. The pace has slowed significantly. By the time they figure out that habitat, we will probably have another weather event that squashes that pattern.

So what are we left with? Until these floodwaters subside, and the dams are shut, we are left with saltwater action – which is a long way from here, and I am actually hearing very little news from there right now. We are also left with Oklahoma, but their locations also got a huge dose of rain the same time Texas almost floated away. Still, there’s things to see, do and learn in Beaver’s Bend … soon.


Check your hours. Now may be a good time to do your regular maintenance on your boat, motor, kayak or whatever your mode of water transport may be. You may be putting your boat in storage for a few months, or you may be getting ready for a winter of saltwater fly fishing action. Either of those should motivate you to run some ethanol free gas with Marine STA-BIL 360 into your tank and run through boat motor. It is amazing how reliable these modern outboard motors are, but we still need to show them a little love on a regular basis.

If you happen to be near San Angelo, Texas, this Saturday? Be sure to check out the Chicken Farm Art Center First Saturday show! We will be there, and although I have never caught a fish in San Angelo, I plan on taking a rod along just to say I fly fished the Concho. What a great name!

Here are some past articles on San Angleo Texas – Visit San Angelo. If you have never stopped there, you are missing out on some special experiences.

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  1. Charlie Drapp says:

    I’ve lived on Lake Travis over 10 years & it’s an eerie sight to look out & not see one single boat on the lake.

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