Do Drop Inn – Wiped out by Wipers

| April 14, 2008

hybrids on fly rod

It’s difficult, this morning, to tell whether the Hybrid / Wiper hunts are really worth the physical pain they leave behind – aching joints, hips and stinging scratches. First, there’s the actual bushwhack in to the magical area, then there’s the warfare of bringing one of these monsters to hand, and finally, if kept, there’s the the bushwhack out with said monsters in tow. And what is the true story with poison ivy? I have been seen as something of a “fire eater” – traipsing through the stuff like it’s daisies. Immune? Still resistant? About to have a conniption fit of open ooze?

I was shooting video when I heard some voices, familiar I thought, and who dropped down the bank but Brent and Bart from Tailwaters! Seems they made their way through the briars, brambles, poison ivy, ice-slick mud, downed trees and trash – from a public access point to hit the creek where we had again decided to go after these possessed fish. “Nice shorts!” I replied, not recognizing who it was, in kind (in reference to my camo swim trunks), “Thanks!” with all the energy I could muster. Then I realized who it was as they broke through the last wall of brush – Dallas comes to Denton – Culture on the Skids!

LK was too far downstream to realize who it was and JH was too far upstream, so we talked fish for awhile and got after them again with the two B’s moving upstream to talk with JH while fishing some holes further up. My fly of choice was a freshly tied Clouser using the new hooks (Tiemco 600SP) that proved to be a deadly solution to the problem I was having the previous outing. Red and white – a true North American Fish.

All this leads me to wonder how to produce the video shot yesterday … fast, short and choppy with a rocking theme, or some sleepy theme of beauty and pristine wilderness … but I am sure we show at least one tire, car battery and I hope I left out the dead animal stuffed in a trash bag. Ahh, Culture on the Skids.

The labor level rises exponentially with producing podcastable quality video, but being in the visual profession, and a “fisherman”, the seeping of video into texasflycaster seems inevitable. I think it should rock thematically. I do see a cheaper, weather resistant video camera in my future though.

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  1. jhays says:

    Ahhhhh. Now you have touched upon the holy grail of classic Southern rock. It’s Blackfoot, one of the most under-rated of bands! Could be a good one to work into the production?!?!?!?

  2. shannon says:

    Yup we started down there the first time we hit that private access. It’s narrow and the bars are definitely there. Lots of bottom dragging in a ‘yak though. Nothing like the pileups we are getting into up at the trestle though. “Train. Train – take me on outta this town.” – Molly Hatchet I think.

  3. jhays says:

    Hybrids woke me up in my sleep last night (or, maybe it was the baby). I just looked at the satellite image of the area. There are some great looking gravel bars about a quarter mile downstream from our “put-in”. KAYAKS?!?!?!??

    I gotta get that new ROD! That brush is not good habitat for a long rod. That 7’6″ 6wt TiCrX would be the perfect tool.

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