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| April 13, 2008

Trout Unlimited tv show

So, a little buzz was generated with the new Trout Unlimited show “On The Rise”, with folks on local message boards giving the thumbs-up (all thumbs up), and the Trout Underground review basically showing it the door and kicking it halfway to the curb.

I thought I would be the good thorough reporter, and wake up this morning (after a late night’s work) and have a look to see what all the talk is about – only to find that the show is on a premium subscription channel for my cable service. I can get it for eight bucks a month. Imagine this in your worst GHW Bush accent, “Not gonna do it”. Someone else will have to review it for TFC, and give it the up or down.

But the fringe benefit is the birds are out and happy this morning, and this promises to be one of those wonderful North Texas Spring Days. It has been getting unusually cold at night, but warming nicely in the day. Windy. One wonders if the creek is back down and the Wipers are back up because when it takes ten or fifteen minutes to land one in the five pound range, how long would it take to land a ten or twelve pound Hybrid? Perhaps the Fish and Weather Gods will get together today and allow a decent day in the creek and we can generate a podcasting event. It may not be “On The Rise”, but then who’s to say it won’t get two tooth-scraped thumbs-up?

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  1. Joel Hays says:

    You’re gonna need a bigger boat!

  2. lane says:

    My wife says that fishing isn’t an addiction, it’s a mental illness

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