Austin City Limits Lineup Announced – Ryan Bingham Review

| April 15, 2008

Texas music for fly fishers

The lineup for”Austin City Limits just hit my inbox, and if you can handle crowds, it’s becoming one of the preeminent shows in the music business – bar none. This may be the year for us to finally make that scene.

Sometimes you have to know when to say when. It’s like when they just aren’t biting, and your Mom’s calling you in, but just one more cast … I know it is only April, but I will have a difficult time finding anything to beat Ryan Bingham’s new album “Mescalito” on my annual top ten list for 2008. I have never come out this early for a number one on the list, and will probably live to regret it in the next eight months, but go get “MESCALITO” (after you finish reading this).

This guy is mature beyond his years and sounds it, from the opening chords of “South Side of Heaven”, with its lap steel, harmonica and gravel gargled vocals, to the banjo and infectious slide work on “Bread and Water” … “From the Sangre de Christo to the Devil’s Backbone” — say no more, I am all in on this one. We are talking knee slapping good, moody, rocking, down and dirty a’la DBT’s —- the whole enchilada. Sure there are some “appropriated” chords and sounds like the opening of “Take it Easy Mama”, but when it has all been done anyway – who cares? This is it – get it, learn it, live it – LOVE IT.

Gone fishing.

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  1. playformeacoustically says:

    if you want to go to ACL, you should buy a three day pass now. they’ll be sold out pretty soon.

  2. yall should come for ACL. I’ve got my wristbands ready and waiting

    am downloading mescalito as we speak. need some fresh tips on the lineup this year. sounds like ryan bingham is a good one…many thanks!

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