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| July 25, 2022

Fire Without the Brimstone

Good Monday Morning, and welcome to the sidewalk. This year has been a real great one for subscribers to the Texas Fly Caster website. Many of you may not even know that you can subscribe to this website and be notified when new content comes your way. Those of you who are recently subscribed? Welcome to an almost normal Monday morning column that has run several years with only a few interruptions along the walk.

It feels like we are headed back into a more normal routine this week, and I hope that includes some video updates and unique content that also has value to the Texas fly fishing community. We went FROM being so busy during the ramp-up of the season here in North Texas TO being boiled alive that a rhythm for doing the regularly scheduled Texas Fly Fishing Reports got stomped along the way. Maybe an end-of-July report will fit in this week.

This summer will be remembered for the heat while the late spring-early-summer will be remembered in North Texas as one of the best I have seen on Lake Ray Roberts. Right now, the lakes here seem to be holding their water pretty well when we consider it hasn’t rained since the beginning of June – the very beginning of June. They’re holding surprisingly well actually.

Changing Latitudes Measuring Attitudes

I had a message yesterday that rubbed the heat in by reminding me that it was a good five-degrees cooler in Rockport than it is in North Texas. Right now, at the Port Isabel Lighthouse? The temperature is 82 while it is 85 outside my door, and you can bet they don’t break 100 today.

It was a wonderful and greatly appreciated message from a fisherman who just returned from the Lower Laguna Madre, and ran down all the pitfalls of fishing (not sure he was fly fishing) the Lower Laguna Madre. It also added the positives that are not so well known. This while I sit on the fence between a side that doesn’t seem to want the positives about the Lower Laguna Madre known, and those who crave quality accurate information on the most beautiful fishery on the Texas Gulf Coast. You know which side I’m going to fall off already, don’t you? 

If I endured physical threats of bodily harm, carrying for a year, to the point of letting the family know, “…if anything happens to me…” – for talking about North Texas carp fly fishing? I think the fish gods would have mercy on my soul when it arrives, for talking about the Lower Laguna Madre region’s nature, beauty and fly fishing opportunity, don’t you? 

How about those snook in the Brownsville Ship Channel? Or how about tarpon in the Arroyo Colorado? What about the idea of fly fishing the surf? Sharks on fly? Bass in the resacas? Rio Grande Cichlids? Where do you think they got their name? Birds you say? Back to the Jetties for a sunset session? Does a SpaceX launch effect the fly fishing? How about an explosion at SpaceX? I will use the popular and strange text, “haha,” for those last two. As you can see, THERE ARE LINKS that already exist to this secret society in South Texas, so hold off on those death threats, or just add me to the BOTTOM of that hit list, please.

Of course this new venue for reporting depends on the outfitter and coffee shop Los Pescadores in Downtown Port Isabel, Texas. You know me though … my bets for relocation are busy being hedged every single damn day: In case you missed the alter-alter-alter ego, “The Loco Airstreamer,” the pace has again found itself ramping up in the rebuilding of a 1970 Airstream Safari – the escape pod so to speak – and final resort for the Texas Fly Caster Nation’s broadcast operations. It’s a pod capable of landing just about anywhere, and that could just be where you find us – ANY WHERE. Imagine that for a second, if you have a second to spare … anywhere wheels will roll …

FLY TYING – New to ME Mustad Heritage Hooks

If you are not also a YouTube Texas Fly Caster subscriber, right now you could be missing an alternate content source! This video is about my first look at the Mustad Heritage fly fishing hook series for saltwater.

Watch fly fishing Video

If you are not also a YouTube Texas Fly Caster subscriber, right now you could be missing an alternate content source! This video is about my first look at the Mustad Heritage fly fishing hook series for saltwater.

Thanks for reading this morning! Have a fantastic, creative and fish-filled week. I am going to take advantage of these almost bearable mornings, go see and show-and-tell.

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