Trout Fest 2014 Just Weeks Away!

| January 21, 2014

troutfest 2014 grtu trout fest on the Guadalupe river

guadalupe river fly fishingNOTE – I thought I would get this out. It looks like this will be a huge event this year, as some parts of Texas are certainly enjoying an economic recovery that makes some of you want to play hard as you finally get to work harder!


TROUTFEST 2014, a Fly-Fishing Banquet and Exposition will be held on the Guadalupe River at Rio Raft Resort on the 21st, 22nd & 23rd of February 2014 (respectively). The funds generated by the Banquet and Expo will be used by GRTU to conserve, protect and restore the cold tailwater fishery immediately below the Canyon Dam on the Guadalupe River. Talented Fly Tiers, Kid Fish Pond, Educational Classes, and Local shopping will surely provide enjoyment for the Whole Family!

The Guadalupe River is the premier southern most trout fishing destination in the USA. The “Guad” is listed as one of the best 100 trout streams in the US. This is the perfect opportunity to help promote and educate others on the river we call home. Announcements have been sent to all fly fishing oriented clubs throughout the state of Texas inviting them to attend Troutfest.

New Braunfels, and the area below the dam of the Canyon Lake offer motels, campgrounds and rental cabins for your lodging. Please consult the links provided.

Schedule: The GRTU Troutfest Banquet is 6-pm Friday (according to the official website).
The Expo runs Saturday and Sunday
Guests include:
the fabulous couple Dave & Emily Whitlock
Charlie Craven
Duane Hada
Much of the scheduling from 2013 is still on the site, so it would be wrong to assume it will be the same.

Click – Details about the casting games – to read about what I assume will be the same in 2014
Click – Purchase GRTU Troutfest Banquet Tickets – to purchase.

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